Uber Increases Prices

The last few months for Uber in Pakistan haven’t gone as smoothly as they would have wanted them to. Multiple protests against ride sharing app services like Uber and Careem by drivers has forced both companies to reconsider their pricing strategies. In a notification received by TechBizWeb, Uber has officially confirmed price increases in Pakistan.

Uber regards it being a move to “sustain Uber’s reliability in your city” and to “offset multiple fuel price increases”.

While the fuel prices in Pakistan have risen recently, they do not go beyond the limits of having to drastically change Uber prices in Pakistan.

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Here’s what the notification had to say:

“To sustain Uber’s reliability in your city, and to offset multiple fuel price increases—Uber’s pricing in your city has been changed.
The new pricing will ensure that we are able to meet high demand and provide the same reliability that our riders love.
So, keep riding and enjoy a reliable way to get around town.”

There was no mention of protests being the reason behind Uber increasing prices in Pakistan. The drivers we managed to reach out to take this as a symbol of their efforts but aren’t totally satisfied yet. Uber drivers have been protesting against low fares and even lower shares for them by the company. This has been going on ever since both Uber and Careem took off in Pakistan.

Just weeks ago, there was a huge drop in drivers on both Uber and Careem, which forced the company to begin advertising again for cars to be put onto the service. The amount a driver could potentially earn went from Rs. 40,000 when Uber was at its peak, to advertisements pointing out Rs. 80,000/month now. Goes to show just how many drivers became fed up with the services and decided to go elsewhere.

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According to the post by Uber, Lahore and Karachi will be mainly affected by this increase of prices.

  Product Base Fare Per KM Per Minute Minimum Fare
Lahore uberAUTO Rs. 15.4 Rs. 8.55 Rs. 1.97 Rs. 62
uberMINI Rs. 64 Rs. 5.69 Rs. 2.55 Rs. 96
uberGO Rs. 80 Rs. 7.12 Rs. 3.18 Rs. 120
uberX Rs. 200 Rs. 10.67 Rs. 3.87 Rs. 250


  Product Base Fare Per KM Per Minute Minimum Fare
Karachi uberAUTO Rs. 16 Rs. 9.1 Rs. 2.58 Rs. 52
uberMINI Rs. 64 Rs. 5.16 Rs. 2.31 Rs. 96
uberGO Rs. 80 Rs. 6.45 Rs. 2.88 Rs. 120
uberX Rs. 160 Rs. 15.33 Rs. 4.41 Rs. 250


It seems like Uber prices in Islamabad and other cities may remain unchanged at the moment.

Most Uber users should now expect an increase of Rs.50 to Rs.100 or more on their rides now following these changes to the company’s pricing strategy. These prices depend completely on the type of Uber you order and the distance traveled.

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What do you think about Uber increases prices in Pakistan? Were they justified? Let us know in the comments section below.