How to Wipe Data from iPhone, iPad After Selling

Have you made the mistake of selling your iPhone or iPad without having wiped the device of your personal information and data? It can happen to any one of us and luckily, there is hope. We already covered the topic of completely wiping your data off your iPhone, iPad before selling it, but what if you forgot? There are ways on how to wipe data from iPhone, iPad after selling your device.

Unlike clearing your data out from your iPhone or iPad before handing your device over to a new owner, doing it after you’ve sold it is a totally different story. The methods we’ll discuss are recommended by Apple, but do not guarantee you will be able to totally wipe it clean.

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Reach Out to the New Owner

If you have recently just sold or handed over your iPhone or iPad to a new owner, it might not be too late to get back in touch with them. Most people will be understanding of the situation and probably help you out with it.

This is the best way to ensure all of your personal data and information is wiped out. Even if the person isn’t in the same city as you are anymore, try and reach out to them and have them do it for you. That’s your best bet and the first step in how to wipe data from iPhone, iPad after selling.

Further methods should still be tried in the case you are able to get in touch with the owner or not. These are the possible remaining ways to ensure you wipe as much personal information as you can.

Erase Data from

If you already didn’t know, you can head over to and erase your device remotely from there.

In case your iPhone or iPad was registered on Find My iPhone, you can erase the content on it from your desktop browser.

Go to and choose ‘Find My iPhone’ or you could go into the Find My iPhone app on another Apple device you may be using. Select the iPhone or iPad you have sold off from there and click on ‘Erase’.

Hopefully a message will popup of you having successfully erase data from your previous iPhone or iPad.

Afterwards, make sure you click on ‘Remove from Account’ to take that device off permanently.

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Remove Debit or Credit Cards from Apple Pay

This one is really important in learning how to wipe data from iPhone, iPad after selling. Your debit and credit cards are highly sensitive and that data should never get into the hands of anyone else.

If any of your cards were added to Apple Pay and you suspect they may still be on your previous iPhone or iPad, head back to Choose to go into Settings and from here, you will be able to see which devices are using Apple Pay.

Click on the device, if it still showing up as using Apple Pay, and click on Remove. Whoever has your iPhone or iPad will no longer be able to use Apple Pay with your card details after you remove them from here.

Deregister iMessage

If you have sold off your iPhone or iPad and are no longer using an Apple device, make sure you also deregister yourself from iMessage. This may not seem as important as the other steps, but we are trying to ensure all loopholes are closed from our end.

The easiest way is to obviously have your iPhone or iPad at hand. But since in this situation we don’t, Apple has another way to help us out with this.

In order for you to deregister yourself from iMessage online, head over to this online Apple resource.

From there, you will be able to deregister your phone number from iMessage by getting a code sent to it and entering a confirmation code right then and there.

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Change Apple ID Password

If you were not successful in wiping the data from your iPhone or iPad, then you definitely need to change your Apple ID password right away. Even though your personal information won’t be deleted from your old device by doing this, it will at least block out the new user from accessing it.

They won’t be able to delete your information either, on iCloud.

After all else fails, this is the only way to ensure the least amount of information leaking out and a data breach taking place. Learn how to wipe data from iPhone, iPad after selling it, especially if you want to keep yourself safe from vulnerabilities.

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What do you think about these methods of how to wipe data from iPhone, iPad after selling it? Do you have any better suggestions which could help someone out in this situation? Let us know in the comments section below.