Hitting back strong at the competition, Verizon has included both Canada and Mexico to their Go Unlimited Plan. Verizon users will now have complete coverage of both countries included in either of the two unlimited plans. This addition to Verizon’s Go Unlimited plan will be made from January 25, 2018.

Verizon currently has two unlimited plans. The Go Unlimited for $40 a month and the Beyond Unlimited, which is $50 a month. The latter plan, Beyond Unlimited, already had the inclusion of Mexico and Canada, but Go Unlimited did not.

Both unlimited plans also give subscribers each line, up to four lines for the same price at $40 or $50 a month per line. The only difference between Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited was the coverage of Mexico and Canada and Premium Unlimited 4G LTE data in the latter. This update still does not include Premium Unlimited 4G LTE Data in the Go Unlimited Verizon plan.

T-Mobile is the only other carrier which offers free roaming in Canada and Mexico on its base One Plan. But Verizon will be capping speeds to 2G after a daily usage of 500MBs on your LTE. T-Mobile, instead, has a speed cap after you user 5GB or more in a month.

If you’re a frequent travel to either Mexico or Canada, this package update is good news for you. You won’t have to worry anymore about finding a crazy bill when you get back home. Now, you can enjoy unlimited calling and texting abroad and need to keep your data usage under 500MB per day. That seems doable. For most of us, we’re assuming.

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Also, there’s a catch with the pricing. Here’s the breakdown of costs:

Go Unlimited Package by Verizon

  • $75 for 1 Line
  • $65 for 2 Lines/each
  • $50 for 3 Lines/each
  • $40 for 4 lines/each up to 10 lines.

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Beyond Unlimited Package by Verizon

  • $85 for 1 line
  • $80 for 2 lines/each
  • $60 for 3 lines/each
  • $50 for 4 lines/each up to 10 lines.

All of these prices are before any sort of taxes and fees.

If you are a Verizon customer and aren’t on the either of the unlimited plans, it’s probably a good idea to sign up for one. We checked out the prices for limited data packages and just 2GB is $35/month. If you are regularly outside of your house and need data wherever you go, 2GB isn’t going to last you very long.

Even 8GB isn’t enough for most of us and that package costs $70/month. That’s pretty out there for such small data caps. Instead, if you’re just one user, you could get the Go Unlimited plan for just $75 and as low as $40 if you get other people on it with you.

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What do you think about the inclusion of Canada and Mexico to the Verizon Go Unlimited Plan? Let us know in the comments section below.