WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp for Business has been officially launched in select markets around the world and is now available for download on the Android smartphone platform. This news comes a couple of months after WhatsApp had announced they wanted to take the platform further exclusively for businesses and hoped that it would become a revenue generating model for the company.

As of now, WhatsApp Business is available and completely free to download on Google Play for Android. There is no version of the app for iOS just yet, but is expected to be launched in the comings weeks.

WhatsApp Business has also not yet launched globally. It is only available in these select markets where WhatsApp deemed there to be the most necessity:

  • Indonesia

  • Italy

  • Mexico

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

“The app is rolling out around the world in the coming weeks,” said the official post by WhatsApp.

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Features of WhatsApp Business Included For Now

We’re expecting WhatsApp Business to continue adding features and expanding on its global reach up till the mid of 2018. Here are the features which are currently available with the new WhatsApp Business app:

  • The ability to setup Business Profiles. Basically like having a Facebook page for WhatsApp which will give all the necessary information and contact details of the business.
  • Displaying the Account Type that you have. Verified businesses using WhatsApp Business will have a green check mark next to their names to show users that they actually are who they are portraying to be. The account phone number needs to match the business phone number for the verification to happen.
  • Various Messaging Tools will be available to users of WhatsApp Business which regularly aren’t available on the messaging app. Features such as quick replies, greeting messages and away messages will keep your customers engaged and updated about your current status.
  • With Messaging Statistics you will be able to see the metrics of your conversations. This data will allow you to see what is working, the number of messages read and give you information to make changes if necessary.
  • Like regular WhatsApp, you will be able to your WhatsApp Business on your desktop as well. Either through the browser or downloading it on your desktop.

WhatsApp mentioned earlier that smaller business will be able to use WhatsApp Business for free. It is from the larger, enterprise clients that WhatsApp hopes to generate revenue from. With approximately 1.3 billion people now using WhatsApp around the world, businesses wouldn’t be too smart if they completely avoided using this platform.

Markets such as Asia and Europe are filled with people who now primarily use WhatsApp for their every day conversation and file sharing needs. Everything takes place now on WhatsApp and that is only expected to grow with time. Business interaction is also easier on WhatsApp for business everywhere. Customer service has gotten much better ever since businesses began migrating over to WhatsApp and can now answer customer queries on the spot.

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“People all around the world use WhatsApp to connect with small businesses they care about — from online clothing companies in India to auto parts stores in Brazil. But WhatsApp was built for people and we want to improve the business experience. For example, by making it easier for businesses to respond to customers, separating customer and personal messages, and creating an official presence,” the WhatsApp post further said.