Known for being secure by Swiss privacy laws, ProtonMail is now quickly building a reputation for itself in the world of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). After testing their service on desktops back in March of 2017, ProtonVPN is now available to download for all Android users. This comes after the launch of a waiting list which saw a rush of subscribers in September the same year.

Every year, there is a rise in the incidents of hacking and spying by either government agencies or rouge individuals. This can result in a severe breach of privacy, risk of having your identity stolen and even the leak of sensitive information. Using a VPN on your desktop and mobile devices is one of the most effective ways to reduce those risks and add an additional layer of security.

Just as you would not only lock your car through the central locking system, but also maybe add a steering lock for additional protection. VPNs are an added layer of security, which in most situations could mean all the difference. But this added layer of protection isn’t just to keep hackers and intruders out. VPNs are used to keep all transmitted information safe, encrypted and secure from any prying eyes which may be on the lookout to capture it.

“It is important to make the tools that protect online privacy and freedom widely accessible,” says ProtonMail Co-Founder Dr. Andy Yen, “for this reason, we are releasing ProtonVPN on Android for free, without bandwidth limits or other data caps.”

“Strong encryption and privacy are a social and economic necessity. Not only does this technology protect activists and dissidents, it is also key to protecting democracy in the digital age,” says Yen. “There are 2 billion Android users worldwide, and being able to provide each and every one of them access to secure Internet is a major milestone in our mission to make online privacy a reality again for all Internet users.”

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What Are Some of the Features of ProtonVPN?

For one, ProtonVPN claims to have a secure core which regular VPN services do not. This is because the server of a regular VPN may be based in a country without privacy friendly laws, like the United States. ProtonVPN passes your information through servers in countries like Switzerland and Iceland to keep information secure and free.

Switzerland has some of the world’s strongest privacy laws, which makes this Swiss based VPN perfect for protecting your privacy. They also claim to keep no logs of your usage and allow the use of TOR over ProtonVPN. Also, when you know that you have the same people who built ProtonMail behind this service, there’s pretty much nothing to worry about.

For all of you who may not know what ProtonMail is, here’s a quick rundown. ProtonMail is one of the world’s most secure and protected mail services. It claims to be the world’s largest encrypted mail service and they only have one goal in mind: to build a safer Internet that also protects civil liberties.

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Is ProtonVPN Available for iOS?

Not yet. ProtonVPN is only available for desktop and Android users right now. But according to sources, ProtonVPN for iOS could be launching as soon as the first quarter of 2018. We’ll definitely do an in-depth coverage of that as well.

Android users can download ProtonVPN at the Google Play Store now.

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What do you think about ProtonVPN? Have you had a chance to use it yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!