Save Battery in iOS 11

The recent battery/performance tweaking fiasco by Apple has raised quite a few eyebrows as speculations turned into reality. Rumors were afloat years before on Apple supposedly ‘downgrading’ the performance of older iPhone models around the time when a new one was to release.

These rumors turned into a reality after the iPhone X made its debut, with Apple now admitting to doing it. Whatever the situation, there are simple ways to save battery in iOS 11 and we’re going to talk about the ones which you should be using on a regular basis.

Not only will saving your battery while using iOS 11 allow you to stretch the time from charging to having to charge again. But these methods will maximize your battery life, which is now a major reason why some iPhones and iPads begin slowing down over time. The better condition your battery will be in, the better your device will perform, it’s simple as that.

We have seen some people just keeping their iPhone and iPad on maximum brightness with all the functionalities turned on throughout the day. This not only minimizes battery time by at least half, but also kills the overall life of the battery itself. No wonder some people can last a day without charging while your iPhone is dead as soon as you get to work in the morning.

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Check Battery Usage in iOS 11

iOS 11 is by far the best version of the Apple software yet. It’s fast, smooth and aesthetically appealing. There has never been a better version and hopefully, Apple will just continue making it better from here.

First and foremost, we recommend you update to iOS 11 and don’t get scared by all the talk here and there about staying on iOS 10. We’ve used iOS 11 on iPad Minis, iPhone 6 and 7. We couldn’t be happier. It’s a big move forward, so don’t delay it any longer. The great part is that Apple is continuously updating from time-to-time, which means the company isn’t lagging on keeping up with user needs.

Like previous iOS versions, iOS 11 has a great battery usage section. We recommend taking this as the first step when it comes to ways to save battery in iOS 11. It is here you will be able to see which apps are really draining your battery over the course of either the last 24 hours or the previous 7 days.

Apps like Facebook use a lot of battery, even when you are not actively using them. Removing Facebook altogether has worked wonders for a lot of people and we’ve tried it and are contemplating just keeping it off our devices for good. It shouldn’t be eating away at the battery when in the background like it does.

How to Check Battery Usage in iOS 11: Open up ‘Settings’ from Home Screen –> Go into ‘Battery’

Save Battery in iOS 11

If you want to disable apps from refreshing in the background, there’s an easy way to do that in iOS 11 as well. This is one of the best ways to save battery in iOS 11.

How to Disable Background App Refresh: Settings –> General –> Background App Refresh

Save Battery in iOS 11

You can also keep the apps from refreshing at all in the background or have them refresh only when on WiFi or when either on WiFi or cellular data. I choose to go with only on WiFi to save on battery and data as much as possible.

Now you may be thinking that you may not get the latest updates on time or you’re probably going to be missing out on something really important. I used to think that too. Now, after having done it for a couple of days. The only thing I’m missing out on is just being bothered by constant and useless notifications when out and about. It’s allowed me to save a ton of battery on my iPhone and iPad while still being able to enjoy using my devices.

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Low Power Mode to Save Battery in iOS 11

Save Battery in iOS 11

Low power mode on Android devices really boggles down your device to the point where you get frustrated. Samsung has a feature which almost turns their smartphones into devices from the 90s as all the colors and graphics from the screen disappear. While that may allow you to maximize battery life, it really just destroys your smartphone experience altogether.

You did not pay hundreds of dollars just to worry about saving your smartphone’s battery all the time, which is why I’ve found Apple’s low power mode extremely efficient. Low power mode is one of the best ways to save battery in iOS 11 and still maximize your iPhone’s performance. This works just as well on any iPad out there and most people, will probably not even feel a difference.

Low power mode in iOS 11 can either be used when you are about to run out of battery to maximize what you have left or you can just keep it on and benefit from better endurance than you could have imagined.

These are some of the things which happen in iOS 11 when you turn on low power mode:

  • Temporary reduction of performance until battery is fully charged again
  • Mail fetch, Hey Siri, background app refresh, automatic downloads and some minor visual effects are either reduced or turned off completely

How to Turn On Low Power Mode in iOS 11: Settings –> Battery –> Enable ‘Low Power Mode’

How to Turn On Low Power Mode in iOS 11 Through Siri: Just Say “Hey Siri Turn on Low Power Mode”.

Save Battery in iOS 11

You can also tell Siri to “Turn Off Low Power Mode” when you feel like disabling the feature. Just make sure you check if ‘Hey Siri’ is working when low power mode is enabled since that function might be disabled afterwards if your battery is critical.

Save Battery in iOS 11

Add Low Power Mode to Control Center: Settings –> Control Center –> Customize Controls –> Include ‘Low Power Mode’.

Save Battery in iOS 11

Adding Low Power Mode to your iPhone’s control center will give you quicker access to enable or disable it. Which is worth it if you turn it on or off multiple times a day.

Overall, there are numerous ways to save battery in iOS 11, but everyone should start off by checking their battery’s usage first. This is the only way you can see which apps are draining battery and how you can really manage that to optimize battery life on iPhones and iPads.

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Let us know what you think about the battery management on iOS 11. Do you believe iOS 11 in being the best version yet or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page.