At the Pakistan office, we have been using Fiberlink for a couple of months now. Getting the services installed by Fiberlink in Lahore took quite an effort. We have to be honest, the Fiberlink team was more than ambitious to install services in an area where it didn’t have any setup present. Which is why it took almost 6 months for it to get setup.

Since we needed high speed internet, were not fond of PTCL at all and didn’t have any other options, we decided to go ahead with Fiberlink. After a grueling process of playing back and forth with the Fiberlink Lahore team, we finally got the Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) installed and could not have been happier.

Nearly 6 months into using Fiberlink, we are more than happy to have made the decision of getting their services.

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Have You Heard of Fiberlink?

All of us are familiar with PTCL, which is the largest broadband and DSL provider in the country. Unfortunately, PTCL isn’t that renowned for providing the best services. Even though we are setup in the middle of Lahore and ironically, next to the PTCL headquarters in the city, their internet barely worked.

There was never a day when we were not forced to deal with PTCL customer services for hours on end just to get the internet to work for a couple of minutes.

Now, in many cities around the country, you have more options to choose from as major internet service providers expand their infrastructure and coverage. Fiberlink is one of those companies which has grown rapidly during 2017. With high speed internet packages up to 200 Mbps (Megabits Per Second), if you haven’t heard of Fiberlink already, you are missing out on a lot.

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What Are the Fiberlink Internet Packages Like?

For starters, Fiberlink is only in the internet business. This means that they do not provide any sort of telephony or television services like most other ISPs in Pakistan. Fiberlink sticks to FTTH high speed internet and does a pretty good job of it.

Here are there packages which Fiberlink is offering right now in Pakistan which they regard as “Straight Forward, Internet Plans with No Hidden Fees or Surprises”:

Starter Fiberlink Package: 12 Mbps


This package is their starter one which gives you 12 Mbps, unlimited downloading with the same speed for uploads as well. The price of this package is just Rs. 1,500 per month plus taxes. Installation is just Rs. 5,000 plus the price of the first month upfront.

From 2:30 AM till 9:00 AM, if you are using the 12 Mbps package by Fiberlink, download and upload speeds will be boosted to 24 Mbps.

Recommended Fiberlink Package: 20 Mbps


This is the package and speed we recommended for most users out there. It’s excellent for small families and if you need consistently high speeds throughout the day.

For just Rs. 2,000 a month plus taxes, you will get 20 Mbps download and upload with unlimited bandwidth. These speeds are doubled to 40 Mbps from 2:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Installation remains the same at Rs. 5,000 along with the price of the first month.

Gamer Fiberlink Package: 40 Mbps


Now 40 Mbps is lightening fast speed. That’s over 4000 kbps per second. Imagine the level of gaming you would be able to achieve with that. Never face any lag times again as we recommend this for gamers and net fanatics.

40 Mbps is Rs. 2,500 per month, plus taxes. To get it installed, the installation charges are the same as the above packages at Rs. 5,000, plus charges for your first month.

Intense Downloading Fiberlink Package: 100 Mbps


We don’t know of anyone using the 100 Mbps package right now by Fiberlink, but we’d like to assume that whoever does, is having the time of their lives. That’s an insane amount of speed. There’s literally nothing you can’t do on the internet with that sort of internet package.

Best of all, it’s just Rs. 4,000 a month, excluding taxes. PTCL charges close to Rs. 4,500 now, including taxes, for a triple play with just 8 Mbps, which isn’t guaranteed to be FTTH. With a 100 Mbps, which goes to 200 Mbps from 2:30 AM to 9:00 AM, you could do all the streaming, downloading and gaming you can imagine.

Installation doesn’t go up either and remains the same at Rs. 5000.

The Crazy Fiberlink Package: 150 Mbps


The great thing about Fiberlink is the variety of packages they offer. They didn’t have to throw in a 12 Mbps package, nor this 150 Mbps one. They could have just kept it to 20 Mbps for starters and jumped to 200 Mbps from 100 Mbps. But instead, gave these two to give people more options to choose from, which is always a good thing.

Rs. 4,500 a month, plus taxes, will give you blazing fast speeds of 150 Mbps. That is over 15,000 Kbps of downloading and uploading with unlimited bandwidth. That bumps up to a whopping 300 Mbps during the time between 2:30 AM and 9:00 AM while installation being just Rs. 5,000.

The Premium Fiberlink Package: 200 Mbps


No matter what you’re doing, which corner of the house you’re doing it, your internet speeds are guaranteed to be out of this world. With Fiberlink’s 200 Mbps package, there is no telling what could happen to your router. Just make sure you have a decent, high quality router, otherwise a cheap one will probably go up in flames trying to keep those speeds up.

200 Mbps by Fiberlink is just Rs. 4,800 a month with Rs. 5,000 for installation. Speeds remain same for downloads and uploads, along with unlimited bandwidth and doubling during 2:30 AM to 9:00 AM to 400 Mbps!

No matter how large your family is, how many people are using the WiFi in the house, there is no going wrong with this package.

Just so that you know, Fiberlink does offer the option to pay for any of these internet packages for an entire year upfront and get a major discount. Just as an example, you could get the 20 Mbps package for just Rs. 18,000 for the whole year. This package would otherwise cost your Rs. 24,000 if you just payed monthly.







Does Fiberlink Have a ‘Fair Usage Policy’?

As of right now, Fiberlink does not have any sort of ‘Fair Usage Policy’ like PTCL does or many of the other ISPs out there. We just hope that it stays that way and Fiberlink keeps on providing high speed, truly unlimited internet for its customers around Pakistan.

Not having a fair usage policy means that you don’t have to worry about any limits on your downloading and uploading. You won’t be calling customer support every second day to enquire about how much bandwidth you have used up and how much remains. Unfortunately, companies who do apply a fair usage policy really don’t give any proper options to see how much of it remains. With Fiberlink, all that stress is non-existent.

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Fiberlink Coverage in Pakistan

While Fiberlink is quickly expanding in cities around Pakistan, their coverage is still quite limited. They are available in:

  • Karachi
  • Hyderabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Lahore

Fiberlink is available in those cities, but do not cover them entirely, which is why it’s a good idea to call them up and ask directly. If they are available in your area, Fiberlink usually takes the payment for installation and the first month upfront and asks for a 30-day wait time for completing the process.

You can reach Fiberlink directly through these ways:

Official Website

Fiberlink Contact Us Form

Fiberlink UAN: 111-456-123

Through Fiberlink Offices:

  1. Corporate Office- Karachi
    Plot FL-3 Bunglow A-6, Block-5, Clifton
    Karachi 75600
  2. South Region Office- Hyderabad
    Office # 1, 1st Floor, Saify Press Building Near Faysal Bank,
    Bohra Bazar, Saddar Hyderabad.
  3. Central Region Office- Lahore
    Banglow # 59, C-1/A Gulbarg III Lahore
  4. Central Region Office- Faisalabad
    564-B, Peoples Colony # 1, Faisalabad
  5. North Region Office- Islamabad
    Office # 3, Mezzanine Floor,
    36 Abdullah Chamber,
    Near Embassy Road, Blue Area, Islamabad

Email Fiberlink at