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We are over halfway through with 2017 and if you still haven’t refreshed your Apple iPhone’s app collection, now is the time to do so. With thousands of apps to choose from on the Apple App Store, it’s not easy choosing which ones would be the best suited for you. Nobody has time anymore to go through all the reviews, especially since most are just vague and limited to that person’s understanding of the app.

To keep your iPhone running smooth and steady, it’s important that only the most important apps use your storage and memory. Let’s look at 2017’s 10 best Apple apps which are absolutely essential for your iPhone and why.

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  1. Get Organized with Google Keep
Best Apple Apps
Courtesy: Google Keep

I haven’t been able to find a better to-do list as of yet. Google Keep is simple, fast and easy to use. Plus, it’s well integrated with your Gmail account and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Evernote and other heavy organizers are probably kept best for those people who can afford to utilize the needed input of time. But, this is what makes Google Keep really great. Which is the fact you can make as many lists and events as you’d like within a matter of seconds. For people like me, simplicity is key and Google Keep does a wonderful job of doing exactly that.

It’s available for free for Apple iPhones and iPads. Check this link out to download it now.

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  1. Don’t Stop Scanning with Office Lens

Best Apple Apps
Courtesy: Microsoft

There are a ton of document scanners out there, but let me tell you this, Microsoft made everyone’s lives a whole lot easier with the Office Lens. Being free is one thing, but the best of all is how easy it is to use.

I really liked ScanBot and a couple of other apps before Microsoft’s Office Lens came along. After those other iOS apps started bombarding me with ads and premium upgrade offers, enough was enough. I don’t mind or advocate against purchasing apps, but forcing people to do so and taking out basic features is a reason to uninstall right away.

Again, simplicity wins the argument. And for now, Office Lens does a great job of the need to scan a wide array of objects and share them with the world. It also allows you to choose what file size you’d like to share!

Download it today and check out Office Lens by Microsoft here.

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  1. Stay Connected with WhatsApp

Best Apple Apps
Courtesy: WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues to dominate the instant messaging world. Some of you might be slowly moving towards full-time use of Facebook Messenger or WeChat, but WhatsApp is still the king of IM. The ability to share more now and a wide variety of file types makes WhatsApp great.

Compared to all other IM apps I’ve recently used, WhatsApp is still highly efficient and the best at keeping you connected. Other apps just don’t have the functionality which WhatsApp does, no matter where you are in the world. Connecting with your phone number is even better, while the privacy settings are enough to keep you safe and far, far away from those annoying chatters.

If you are one of the very few people left in the world which haven’t already downloaded WhatsApp for iOS, please do so here. It’s totally free.

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  1. Find Love with Tinder

Best Apple Apps
Courtesy: Tinder

For all those hopeless romantics out there, Tinder is still your best shot at finding someone to love. Whether that’s short or long-term, is up to you, but Tinder is where the action is still at. OKCupid and all of these other apps are now honestly worthless and a waste of time.

Tinder is trending and will keep doing so strongly into 2018. So, keep your hopes high and your head up. Love is right around the corner for you, hopefully. There are some apps which offer similar, but different services compared to Tinder, but for now, Tinder is still one of the best Apple apps of 2017.

Tinder is free, unless you want to go with the premium features to really up your love game. Get Tinder for iOS right here.

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  1. Best Time Pass: Reddit

Best Apple Apps
Courtesy: Reddit

If you haven’t ever used Reddit, now is the best time. Reddit is the ultimate social network. You’ll forget about Facebook and want to spend your entire day on Reddit. There is just a whole new world to be explored on Reddit for iOS. The app is working better than ever and Reddit is a unconquerable universe of cute cat pics, funny memes and some of the best advice for literally any topic which comes to mind.

The way Reddit is made out may seem a little daunting at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. If you need to kill some time and can’t imagine being bored, then Reddit is definitely one of the best Apple Apps you need for your iPhone right now!

Download it for your iPhone right now!

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  1. Get Fit and Stay Healthy: MyFitnessPal

Best Apple Apps
Courtesy: <MyFitnessPal

Over 100 million people don’t use MyFitnessPal around the world for nothing. If you’re hitting the gym, dieting like crazy and can’t keep track of your progress, then this is the app you need in your life.

From how many calories you’ve lost to how much you need in your daily diet. Check how much food intake you need and track what you’ve already eaten. MyFitnessPal is perfect for the diet conscious and fitness fanatics alike. Best of all, it has premium features but the app won’t force you into anything you don’t want. Plus, each and every important feature is free to use.

Download MyFitnessPal for iOS right here and get back in shape with one of the best Apple apps you need for your iPhone.

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  1. Expand Your Horizon With A New Language: Duolingo

Best Apple Apps
Courtesy: Duolingo

Want to learn a new language and learn it fast? Duolingo is great for learning a new language and actually being able to use it. It’s easy, fast and efficient in teaching new language skills within minutes. You could be on your way to learning a new language within a matter of minutes and perfecting it in days.

What really counts here is how much time you’re willing to invest in learning through Duolingo. Spend a couple of minutes every day and you’ll be able to feel and speak the progress.

Duolingo for iOS just has to be one of the best Apple apps for 2017 and it is free to download and use here.

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  1. Financial Management: Mint

Best Apple Apps
Courtesy: Mint

Manage your personal finance, budget, bills and much more with Mint by for iOS. This app is free and easy to download on the Apple App Store and is my choice for the best Apple apps when it comes to financial management.

Unlike other financial management apps available on iOS, Mint gives you a sleek and clean look. It’s easy to navigate and can help even the most amateur financial managers get their finances in order.

You get to see everyone in one place and save a bunch of time with reminders you can set according to your needs. Download Mint for iOS right here.

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  1. Entertainment Unleashed with Netflix

Best Apple Apps
Courtesy: Netflix

Netflix is now available in more countries than it ever was and isn’t as expensive as some people were expecting it to be. For those countries which have slow and disruptive internet connections, Netflix is a great investment. Why? Because Netflix is the fastest video buffering service you’ll be able to find and maximize your internet usage as well.

Some countries are getting a one-month, unconditional subscription, which makes it a deal of a lifetime. You cannot go wrong with Netflix and without a doubt, it is the best movie/tv show streaming service out there. Also, it works great on any iOS device!

Download Netflix for your iPhone/iPad since this is one of the best Apple apps out there right now for 2017.

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  1. Moving Around with Uber

Best Apple Apps
Courtesy: Uber

Widely known, recognized and easy to use, Uber continues to dominate the independent transport world of ‘private taxis’. It gives people a chance to make some extra money, while providing users the easy and comfort of knowing how much you’ll be paying, who you’re going with and what to expect during your ride.

This decision process could not have been made easier and Uber has turned the world around. The Uber app for iOS is extremely efficient, allows the use of cash or credit/debit and can be downloaded here.  I’m still wondering why it has such a disappointing rating on the Apple App Store. Uber is the final app on our list of best Apple apps for 2017 and I’m pretty sure it’ll continue to be on here for the foreseeable future.

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Have any app suggestions for us in 2017? What are the best Apple Apps in your mind and essential for every iPhone user? Let us know in the comments section or on the Official TechBizWeb Facebook Page!