Fiber Internet Service Providers in Lahore

Pakistan may not be the best country right now in terms of internet speed and widespread connectivity, but internet service providers are working hard to quickly change that. In just the last decade alone, internet usage in Pakistan has boomed with all the fiber and wireless 3G/4G/LTE service expansion, but for many in the city of Lahore, fast and stable internet is still an uphill battle. Which is exactly why we took it upon ourselves to let you know about the top 5 fiber internet service providers in Lahore.

Getting Fiber-to-the-Home internet in Lahore is now a very real possibility. Lahoris didn’t imagine this happening if you go back just a few years. Now, with companies like Fiberlink, Stormfiber and Optix expanding rapidly, that is all about to change for the better. Gone are the days when you had to wait for your DSL light to stabilize for a smooth internet connection. Get rid of that copper internet connection in Lahore today and sign up with any of these internet service providers.

We’re taking a couple of things into consideration in this post about why we chose these companies as the top 5 fiber internet service providers in Lahore for 2018. One, the level of service they provide. Not only that, but also the price range and availability around the city. We have gotten the chance to test these internet service providers in Lahore ourselves and hope you’ll be able to make a better choice in choosing your next ISP.

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Let’s go ahead and take a look at the top 5 fiber internet service providers in Lahore for 2018:


Fiber Internet Service Providers in Lahore

Stormfiber has grown into a well-known brand around the city in a matter of months. The thing that puts them up there is the great quality of service, well thought out packages and rapid expansion throughout Lahore. Other companies just haven’t managed to keep up with the pace of Stormfiber, which is why they are number one on our list of fiber internet service providers in Lahore.

As of right now, Stormfiber is available in these areas of Lahore:

Fiber Internet Service Providers in Lahore

Stormfiber not only offers fiber internet in Lahore, it also gives users great television and phone services. If you combine all three, you could get their starter package which is giving you 10Mbps of fiber internet to your house with TV and phone for just Rs.9,999. This amount covers installation and free services for the first three months.

Stormfiber provides triple play and single play packages in Lahore all the way up to 30Mbps. Since you get those first three months included in the installation cost, it practically ends up paying for itself.

Haven’t heard any major complaints about Stormfiber at all.

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Fiber Internet Service Providers in Lahore

The net is full of bad reviews about Fiberlink and unfortunately, they haven’t managed to gain a good reputation in Lahore either. Our experience with Fiberlink has been of a love-hate relationship, but if they start working, their net is probably the fastest around.

Not only is their quality of internet great, but also are their prices and package variations. We are getting 20Mbps from Fiberlink for just Rs.2,000 a month. Not many ISPs can beat that right now. Another thing which Fiberlink has going for them is great customer service and coverage of the city. Wherever they mention as being available, they try their best to get fiber internet to your house in Lahore regardless of having a setup nearby or not.

Fiberlink is available in these areas of Lahore as we speak:

  • Johar Town
  • Calavary
  • Ichra
  • Wahadat Colony
  • Township
  • Samanabad
  • GECHS Link Road
  • Mughalpura
  • MM Alam Road
  • Nespak Housing Society
  • Revenue Housing Society
  • Abdalian Housing Society
  • Johar Avenue
  • Mazzang
  • Gulberg
  • Garden Town
  • Faisal Town
  • Model Town
  • Allama Iqbal Town
  • Mustafa Town
  • Shahjamal
  • Shadman

Keep in mind though that they could take quite a long time to get your internet connection setup. So be willing to spend a lot of time and patience with their team in Lahore. But once you get started, you’ll know why we ranked it up there in our list of the top 5 fiber internet service providers in Lahore, especially going into 2018.

Fiberlink is also the fastest one out there. Starting at 12Mbps, their packages go from 20, 40, 100 to 200Mbps in Lahore.

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Fiber Internet Service Providers in Lahore

With some of the best packages and speed around, Optix is without a doubt one of the best fiber internet service providers in Lahore. Like stormfiber, Optix also has great triple play and single play packages which range up to 50Mbps.

The only thing holding Optix back from taking over the market is their lack of coverage in Lahore. They’ve been quite stagnant for months now and haven’t been able to match the speed of stormfiber and fiberlink.

Right now, Optix is available only in some areas of DHA, PCSIR, Johar Town and Askari 5 and 10. It would good if they could pick up the pace because for just Rs. 2,999 a month, you can get all three services with 20Mbps of fiber to home.

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Fiber Internet Service Providers in Lahore

There are only two companies which hold control over Pakistan’s internet connectivity with the world. PTCL is the first and Transworld is the second one. Only recently, Transworld announced that it will begin offering super fast internet to the residents of Lahore.

If you have driven around DHA recently, you probably have noticed a considerable amount of display banners and ads by the company. When they claim to being “internet with an attitude”, they aren’t joking.

Transworld has five packages for Lahore, which range from 20Mbps all the way to a mindboggling 100 Mbps. Now that is a first. That too with installation charges going up to a maximum of just Rs.15,000 and unlimited downloads and uploads with absolutely no capping.

What could be better? Well the coverage of Transworld in Lahore is only limited to DHA. Hopefully they’ll begin expanding soon and we can all get a taste of really powerful internet.

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Fiber Internet Service Providers in Lahore

Whether you love it or hate it, no list of the best fiber internet service providers in Lahore can be complete without the mention of PTCL. Pakistan’s largest telecommunications company and our first crush, which we quickly moved on from.

Just the coverage area of PTCL gives it a major advantage of any other provider. Their broadband is available everywhere, yet they haven’t managed to maintain and improve on the quality of their internet at all. After all these new ISPs started entering the Lahore market, PTCL showed some sign of concern and is currently in process of overhauling their infrastructure to compete.

While other companies are giving speeds like 20Mbps for as little as Rs.2,000, PTCL is still charging Rs.6,000. We’ve heard that they are also going to introduce new packages as well in the days to come, but we’ll see when that actually happens and how good the services will be.

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What do you think about these fiber internet service providers in Lahore? Let us know in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page!