Delete Sent Messages in WhatsApp

If you haven’t already noticed, WhatsApp recently introduced a much awaited feature. The ability to delete sent messages in WhatsApp was on the wish list of millions of users and it was close to the end of 2017 that the messaging app decided to integrate it for the first time.

Previously, you were able to delete messages that were received and sent. But only for yourself. Now, if you send a message you don’t want the receiver to see, you have to a time frame of up to seven minutes after sending it to delete it for everyone. After the passing of seven minutes, you will not be able to delete sent messages in WhatsApp.

This is applicable for messages you send in either single person chats or in groups. But the timeframe will remain the same regardless of who you message or how many people you message on WhatsApp. After deleting, the message will just the disappear as most people think. “This Message Was Deleted” will be viewable the person or people who received the unintended message.

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Why is this Delete Sent Messages in WhatsApp Feature Useful?

Being able to delete sent messages in WhatsApp is a really useful feature. Most of you may regard it as a negative option and for communicating in a discreet manner. Well, even though it is effective for messaging that way, it also has a couple of other uses.

Ever since WhatsApp blew up a few years ago, people have numerous chats and group chats going on at the same time. We’re all using WhatsApp to chat with our friends, family members and even coworkers. Having so much going on at one time makes us prone to easily sending the wrong message and unintended messages to the wrong recipients. This can include sending the wrong person sensitive information, which would otherwise be impossible to delete and stop the other person from viewing.

Seven minutes gives you enough time to think back on the mistake you may have made and retract it. Although, it may not work if the other person sees it before you get a chance to delete the message and may even have taken a screenshot of it. Caution still needs to be exercised on your part, significantly.

Remember, after seven minutes pass by, there will no longer be any way of being able to delete sent messages in WhatsApp.

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How to Go About Deleting Sent Messaging in WhatsApp?

Delete Sent Messages in WhatsApp

It is pretty simple. Have you ever deleted a normal message in WhatsApp? It works in the same way, but now, when you hold down the message you want to delete in WhatsApp, you will get two options:

  • Delete for Everyone
  • Delete for Me

After the seven minutes are over, you will no longer get the option of ‘Delete for Everyone’. Only ‘Delete for Me’ will be available.

Here is the process in a simple way to understand and go about being able to delete sent messages in WhatsApp:

  1. Open up WhatsApp. Head over to the chat which has the message you want to delete.
  2. Like you normal would, tap and hold the message you wish to delete. You can also choose more than one message at a time to delete them together if they have all been sent within the seven-minute time frame.
  3. Tap on Delete and choose the option to ‘Delete for Everyone’

If you want to just delete a specific message, regardless of the time passed from your own WhatsApp chat history, then just tap on ‘Delete for Me’ instead.

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What Else Comes with ‘Deleting for Everyone’

If you manage to get rid of that embarrassing message on time, good for you. But just keep in mind some of these important factors that could change the situation for you when trying to delete sent messages in WhatsApp:

  • In the case of your message not successfully deleting for everyone, you will get a notification of that.
  • The people you wanted to stop from seeing your message can see it at any moment prior to you deleting it within seven minutes. You need to act as fast as possible to stop from the other person viewing something that you may not want them to see.
  • You and the person receiving the message, which you intend on deleting, need to be using the updated version of WhatsApp which has integrated this feature. If either one of you do not have the latest version, deleting for everyone will not be successful and the other person will see the message you intended on getting rid of.
  • WhatsApp has updated their app with the feature to delete sent messages on all versions for Apple iPhones, Android Smartphones and Windows Phones as well. If you haven’t upgraded already, make sure you do so as soon as possible to begin using this feature.

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What do you think about the ability to delete sent messages in WhatsApp? Is it as useful as you imagined it would be? Let us know in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page!