PDF to Excel

It is claimed that at least 80% of businesses use Excel spreadsheet. It is used for data collection because you can keep the information neatly and because data analysis becomes very easy with the tables. Moreover, data visualization is also possible with Excel, you can present your data in various charts.

Since most documents are eventually saved in PDF form, especially if they are send to another person’s computer, the problem arises if you want to edit data in the tables. PDF form is hard to edit and it is usually recommended to convert a document back to its original form, in this case Excel. Why is that so?

By using a high-quality conversion tool you can convert PDF to Excel and get an xlsx. file which will be of the same formatting like before. When you open the converted file in MS Excel you will be able to make additional changes to the tables.

How to do that with PDF to Excel online converter?

PDF to Excel

Start the process by uploading a PDF file from a computer. To do so, click on the Upload File button and the file explorer window will open. Select the PDF file and double click on it, or click on the Open button. The file will be uploaded and now you need to enter your email address. The last step is to click the button Start.

Why the email address is required? Well, PDF files are automatically sent to the servers and there they are converted by the machines, not by individuals. So you don’t need to worry if someone will look at the content of your document. When the conversion is done, the email is sent to your inbox together with the link. You need to open that link and click on the Download file button.

You will be asked to choose the location on your computer- where you want to save the .xlsx document. Such files can be opened in MS Excel, OpenOffice alternative called Calc and other similar applications. Thanks to this PDF to Excel converter you can edit your PDF tables effortlessly.

Have in mind, the files are deleted in 24 hours so you need to download them in that time. Otherwise, you need to start conversion again.

What else should you know about PDF to Excel converter?

With this online file converter you can convert even larger files. The conversion will take a bit longer, but it’s worth waiting. Moreover, scanned PDFs can be converted as well. If you have a scanned PDF table, rest assured you will be able to edit it.

That’s the whole process! As long as you have internet connection and can access a browser, you can use this tool to convert files. It works on any computer or a mobile device.

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