Free Apple Music
Courtesy: Apple

Recently upgraded to iOS 11? You’re just in luck. Apple is giving away 3 months of Apple Music, absolutely free of charge and for everyone who has upgraded to the new iOS on their iPhones and iPads. Free Apple music is always a good offer and getting it for free and that too for 3 months, what else could you hope for?

With a library of over 40 million songs and ad-free radio Apple music is one of the best streaming services out there right now. This offer will give you complete access to all of that during the free trial.

The offer was rolled out to Apple users through email and most who have upgraded recently to iOS 11 probably missed it. The reason of that is because I, too, found it hidden away in my SPAM folder for some odd reason. It may be since a ton of SPAM emails related to Apple have been floating around recently, which is why I decided to test this offer first.

Fortunately, the offer was legit and when clicking on the link, went straight to Apple Music confirming the details.

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What Else Comes with the Free Apple Music Offer?

Free Apple Music
Courtesy: Apple

Here are some of the benefits you will be getting along with free Apple Music for three months:

  • Ability to listen to millions of songs on Apple Music, your entire music library whether you’re online or off, regardless of device being used.
  • Handpicked playlists based on your listening preferences and recommendations for albums you should be checking out.
  • Get access to music as soon as its released, while also having complete access to the best artists and DJs, whether they are live or on demand.
  • Complete access to Beats 1 Radio

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How Much Does Apple Music Usually Cost?

Free Apple Music
Courtesy: Apple

There’s no doubt that Apple has the best collection of music and iTunes has always been a leader in the music industry.

After your three-month trial comes to an end, there are three difference packages you could choose from to continue with. They are:

  • Individual Plan for Apple Music which costs $9.99/month
  • Family Plan for Apple Music which costs $14.99/month
  • College Student Apple Music plan which costs $4.99/month

Best of all, you will not even need a credit card or another payment method to sign up. All you’ll need to do is sign up using your iCloud account and you’re in! It’s also good to keep in mind that you can cancel your subscription at any time you would like.

The three-month time is only applicable on this Free Apple Music offer. Other services like Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Prime Music and Pandora also offer free trial periods, but only for a maximum of 30 days.

Apple Music is the only one giving you 90 days of unlimited access. The best part about free Apple Music is obviously that its free, so why not head over there right now and check it out.

Check out this link right now to get free Apple Music for 90 days!

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What do you think about this free Apple Music offer? Is it worth it and have you been able to test it out? Let us know in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page!