Best Headphones Under $50
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Tired of getting headphones that either stop working properly after a couple months of use or just aren’t as good as you imagined them to be? You’re not alone. People all around the world spend hundreds and thousands of dollars just to get a good set of headphones and are usually disappointed in the end. That’s why right now, we’ll be discussing the best headphones under $50.

In this list of best headphones under $50, I’m going to cover those you can get and depend on whether you are headed for the gym or are a full-time gamer. Whatever your purpose for getting a great set of headphones, getting them to be within a budget is ideal.

Hopefully, this might be the post which can clear your doubts that even cheap headphones under $50 can provide you a pleasant sound experience. Not only will the experience be great, but you will know you’re not wasting money and still will getting the best headphones under $50.

Most of these quality, yet cost-effective headphones come from China or Taiwan. Don’t worry. The quality of these sleek headphones is not compromised at all and they have some mind-blowing reviews. You could even check them out for yourselves as I will be sharing the Amazon links.

Just to add it out there, neither I nor are gaining any sort of commission from the potential sale of the below mentioned. This post about the best headphones under $50 is for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge and empowering you as a consumer to make a wise decision.

Let’s get started.


Best Headphones Under $50
Courtesy: Shure

The Shure SRH145M+ is on the top of our list of the best headphones under $50 for a very good reason.

Not only are they on sale for just $49, but they have a very genuine and premium look while providing a very comfortable experience with their soft ear buds. Sound quality provided by these headphones is quite satisfying and terrific for an entry level set of headphones. They can go well with almost every genre of music.

The M+ version is Apple friendly, which means you can control or configure the settings easily on iOS devices. The topper of our best headphones under $50 also comes with a remote and a Mic. The brand is quite well-known in the world of music for being lightweight and providing external noise isolation.

2. Coloud No 16 On-Ear Headphones

Best Headphones Under $50
Courtesy: Coloud

The No.16 by Swedish company, Coloud is a great pick on our list of best headphones under $50 purely because it provides an overall high quality performance. Out of 10 stars, I wouldn’t hesitate to rank it a solid 9. Bass quality is excellent. Not only it provides such a quality sound at a cheap price, but also looks sick!

The only problem you may find that it doesn’t come with any accessories, although the headphones have a tangle-free system, ultra-flexible headband and built-in mic and remote. They’re available in most markets for $40, or lower.


Best Headphones Under $50
Courtesy: Skullcandy

Skullcandy Headphones are the best in market when it comes to budget shopping and their Uproars are the ones which come under $50. This pair has an interesting feature which includes a monstrous battery life of 10 hours. The Skullcandy Uproar on-ear headphones are super light, comfortable and deliver premium quality audio at just $25.

Skullcandy is even offering “Lifetime Warranty” on this headset, which makes it a definite part of our best headphones under $50 list.

Just to mention, if you are wondering, the Skullcandy Uproar also has a built-in TapTech mic with remote.


Best Headphones Under $50
Courtesy: Creative

Now these 35$ (depending on market availability) headphones can be your thing because they have some notable pros over others. One because they are super light and can be more portable than any other headphones in their bracket. And secondly, because they have an excellent Bluetooth playback life of 12 hours.

There is one thing to keep in mind. The Creative Sound Blaster Jam can irritate you because these can’t be folded and are a bit weak on the bass side, but can still ensure a great music experience for the everyday music enthusiast.


Best Headphones Under $50
Courtesy: Urbanears

For the last entry on our list of best headphones under $50, we have the Urbanears Plattan 2. This headset is stylish and sexy due to its premium and matte look. Despite being under $50, Urbanears has not compromised on the sound quality and the Plattan 2 gives a smooth experience of bass and nice vocals.

This headset is capable of providing​ good and clear highs, while also being highly comfortable due to the 3D hinge which helps adapt them to the shape of your head and ears.

It comes with a detachable cable and can be used for shared listening with another pair through zoundplug.

Whether you are looking to hit the gym, play video games or plain old listening to music while on the go, any of the talked about best headphones under $50 will give you the best possible experience. Instead of worrying which headset to choose next after your last ones just gave up on you, go with one of these for not only the price, but for the high level of reliability as well.

What do you guys think about these headphones? Are they worthy of being on the list of best headphones under $50? Let us know in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page!

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