Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp

There’s a lot of interest nowadays in sharing Facebook videos on WhatsApp with family and friends. Facebook has become the alternative YouTube due to fast loading videos and a limitless collection of them. It seems like Facebook may even possibly take over YouTube one day for the title of video sharing champion. For now, let’s just stick to talking about how to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp.

Whether you are using WhatsApp on a desktop, Android smartphone or on an Apple iPhone, the methods for all three are slightly different. It is definitely possible to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp with your family and friends. But it is not as straightforward as you would like it to be.

This is quite surprising since Facebook is the company which owns WhatsApp and basically the billions of people who use both platforms. You would imagine that there would be some sort of easiness of exchange between the two platforms, but as of yet, there is no option of directly sharing a video to WhatsApp chats.

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Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp for Desktop

I’m personally not a fan of using WhatsApp on my desktop or laptop, but if you are, then we have a couple of ways for you to share your Facebook videos.

  1. First of all, you would need to have WhatsApp opened up in your desktop/laptop browser. This can be done by going to

  2. With WhatsApp opened on your computer’s browser, you can either copy the link of the video and share that, or download the video and send it directly.

Some of the best resources that we’ve found online for downloading Facebook videos onto your desktops/laptops hard drive are:

Regardless of the service you use to download and share Facebook videos on WhatsApp, you need to have the link of that video. This can be done by click on any video that you are interested in sharing from Facebook to WhatsApp and copying the link that appears above in the URL section of your browser.

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Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp for Android and iOS

The easiest and fastest way to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp with your family and friends is by directly sending the link.

This will not allow the video to play directly in the WhatsApp instant messaging, but instead, whoever has received the link will tap on it to pay and directly be rerouted to Facebook. Since the Facebook app is quite popular nowadays, most people you share it with will have it installed on their Android and iOS devices.

The link will pop up the Facebook app and the video you shared with them should begin to play instantly depending on the speed of their internet connection.

Getting the link for the Facebook video on your smartphone is quite easy. Tap on the video you would like to share to WhatsApp. From there, tap on “Share”, which is usually at the bottom right-hand corner. You will see the following four options and the one you need is “Copy Link”.

Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp
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Go ahead and directly paste the copied link and you will share Facebook videos on WhatsApp for both Android and iOS platforms.

Method number two to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp for Android and iOS is by installing an app from either Play Store or App Store to download them onto your device. Some of the most popular apps for downloading Facebook videos are:

It is important to remember that these apps, especially those available for the Apple iPhone may be affected by latest updates. Apple is known to change around its file system policies quite a lot, so it would be better to experiment with different apps and see which one works best for you.

You could also download Facebook videos directly on your laptop/desktop and then transfer them over from iTunes to your iPhone or iPad. It is easier to do that since you won’t have to download any shady apps for the purpose of wanting to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp.

The only instant message platform you can share Facebook videos directly on is Facebook’s own messenger. When tapping on “Share” on any Facebook video, you will get the option to “Send in Messenger”.

For now, there is no other way of sharing Facebook videos on WhatsApp. Any other methods may result in having to root or jailbreak your device, which is not recommended for this at all. It isn’t worth damaging your smartphone.

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What do you think about these above mentioned procedures to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp? Let us know if you know any better ways in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page!