VEON App in Pakistan
Courtesy: VEON

The VEON app in Pakistan has officially launched and there is a lot of hype about it. From people being ambitious to join the VEON team as the company looks to expand, Jazz has its own aspirations and some of those just might be going a little overboard.

Being ‘Truly Free’ is what Jazz is promoting with the launch of VEON in Pakistan. What Jazz is trying to say is that you can download the VEON app on your iOS or Android smartphone and basically text and make calls without needing to have credit in your account.

Unsurprisingly, there is not anything new with the launch of VEON. It is just another smartphone app which hopes users will catch on to and begin using as their primary method of communicating with each other. With the massive following of WhatsApp, it is highly unlikely that VEON will be replacing it in Pakistan anytime soon.

For Jazz, VEON is much more than just an app for talking and texting. It’s an all-in-one resource for its users. Well, whatever it is, we still aren’t really convinced that VEON has had a strong enough of a launch to influence people enough to quit using WhatsApp.

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What are Some of the Features of VEON App?

VEON App in Pakistan
Courtesy: VEON

There is nothing that the VEON App in Pakistan can do, which WhatsApp and a whole variety of other instant messaging apps can’t do.

In many of its app descriptions, VEON boasts about the following features (which we are already quite accustomed to):

  • Multimedia Messaging by sending videos, images and text

  • Group Messaging

  • Voice Calling

  • Connect to your contacts

The only feature of the VEON app in Pakistan which makes it different from the rest is the ability to save on data. Only Jazz/Warid customers will benefit from this, obviously.

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Is the VEON App in Pakistan Exclusive to Jazz/Warid Consumers?

VEON App in Pakistan
Courtesy: VEON

We’re not too sure if other telecom network subscribers are able to use the VEON app in Pakistan. I tried myself to get a confirmation message while using Zong, but did not receive one when setting up my account.

Maybe the VEON app in Pakistan is still, and may remain, exclusive to just Jazz and Warid customers.

Jazz and Warid customers should rejoice at being able to save a ton on their mobile data expenses with the introduction of the VEON app in Pakistan. Especially since both telecom networks have under satisfactory performance in terms of data package offerings and speed.

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It does mention on the VEON website about:

“VEON is available now, for download on all android and iOS smartphones. Call, chat, connect with friends, share photos and video, listen to music, watch video and discover trending topics – all in one place, for free.”

But there is no mention of any other telecom network subscriber being able to use the VEON app as well.

It is worth mentioning here that VEON subscribers can also talk and chat, for free, with other VEON customers around the world. This is also available with WhatsApp. Currently, the VEON app in Pakistan is newly launched and will join a network of other consumers as the application is also active Russia, Italy, Ukraine and George.

Russia and Pakistan are VEON’s largest consumer markets at the moment and there is news about aggressive expansion taking place.

While it’s a great step towards broadening the options which consumers in Pakistan have, its also important to remember where the real competition is. VEON is more of a new competitor in Pakistan, rather than an innovator. It would be interesting to see if the VEON app in Pakistan is able to make it big or just die off like many have in the past. Does anyone remember Google Duo? Probably not.

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What do you think about the VEON app launch in Pakistan? Will it be as successful as the company hopes it will be? Could it possible replace WhatsApp in Pakistan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page!