Samsung is great at making creative and meaningful advertisements. Apple isn’t so bad itself at taking jabs at Samsung and other Android smartphone manufacturers. But Samsung’s latest advertisement against Apple just took things to a whole other level.

Apple is leading the smartphone race across the world and the iPhone X just bumped up the standard by a whole lot. Samsung, on the other hand, is still trying to convince the world that the innovations Apple is bringing out, Samsung already had in their smartphones years ago.

The latest advertisement of Samsung against Apple is another show of how advanced Samsung phones have been throughout the years. Samsung started off by showing how iPhone consumers are more sheepish in their nature. They wait in lines to get a smartphone and have to make alternations to their own lifestyle in order to accommodate the new iPhone.

While it is true that Apple forces its customers to change the way they use their devices. We all remember how much of a blowback there was about Apple deciding to take out the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apple is still renowned for quality and a sheer focus on releasing the best possible smartphone into the market. It’s no longer about just innovation at Apple. Rather, the focus is on making the best of the technology out there.

Apple iPhone consumers shouldn’t have to worry about such advertisements. While the Samsung Galaxy series is amazing, the sailing hasn’t always been so smooth. We all remember just how much of a success the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was, before it started exploding everywhere. Samsung still has a ton of time before people actually forget that and begin to invest hundreds of dollars in their smartphones again.

I don’t know. It just might be me. But I’m not really comfortable knowing that a phone might just explode next to me, especially since I like most people, put my smartphone on charging at night right before I head to bed.

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Apple Reigns with iOS, but Samsung does Dominate the Android Kingdom

Apple’s iOS remains highly popular because of its fluid updates, friendly user interface and versatility. Android on the other hand, has had its ups and downs. Mainly because the open software platform by Google is used in a variety of smartphones and customized by manufacturers.

Samsung rules the Android kingdom and with the latest additions to the Galaxy Series with the Note 8 and S8, no one seems to be competitive enough to take the crown away from the Korean smartphone giant.

So, if you’re an Android fan, Samsung is still the best choice to go with. If iOS is the way for you, than Apple is your only choice and frankly, it’s a pretty good one too. Especially since I’m also one of the many people who jumped ship from Android after the Note 7 fiasco and haven’t regretted boarding the iOS train since.

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