PTCL Alternatives
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For years, Pakistani consumers have been forced to choose PTCL for their internet, tv and phone needs. While PTCL does have the largest coverage in the country and is the only viable solution where no other service provider is present, there are a couple of great alternatives now available in the major cities.

If you are living in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad/Rawalpindi and other major cities, you may just be in luck. Why stay with PTCL if your broadband internet barely works and your Smart TV gets horrible reception?

Not only is the quality of internet, tv and phone a problem in a lot of areas around Pakistan with PTCL, but expensive package prices and limited bandwidth are also reasons to look for alternatives.

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PTCL No Longer the Exclusive Internet Controller in Pakistan

Popular belief is that PTCL has all and exclusive control of Pakistan’s internet cable system which connects it to the other parts of the world. This is not the situation at all. There are two companies which control the undersea internet communication cables and PTCL is just one of them.

A second option has not only given businesses and consumers more viable choice to choose which internet service provider they use. ISPs also have more freedom now to provide better internet packages at competitive prices to tackle PTCL.

Let’s get down to it. Here are’s 5 best PTCL alternatives in Pakistan for internet, TV and phone.

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1. Fiberlink

PTCL Alternatives
Courtesy: Fiberlink

For our regular readers, it’s kind of strange that TechBizWeb would rate Fiberlink as the best alternative to PTCL in Pakistan. This is the case since we did a story previously about just how bad our experience with Fiberlink was.

In all honesty, Fiberlink did take six months to finally install their Fiber-to-Home internet connection. 30 days was their initial promise, so there was bound to be some frustration there.

Moving on to the post-installation scenario, we have not been happier to have gone with Fiberlink for our residential internet needs. The speeds, connectivity, customer service and bandwidth has been outright amazing and better than PTCL could ever provide right now.

The best thing about Fiberlink is that their team is willing to install their fiber lines even where they don’t really have a complete setup in place. It took over six months to install my internet connection specifically since they had to run a 2.5 KM+ line just to get from their box to my house. All I had to pay was PKR 5,000 for installation + package price upfront.

You should keep in mind that Fiberlink is only offering internet at the moment and not TV or phone. If you are looking for great internet speeds with truly unlimited bandwidth, Fiberlink is the choice for you.

Currently Fiberlink is providing services in the following areas:

Fiberlink in Karachi

Karachi DHA
Karachi Clifton
Karachi Gulshan
Karachi PECHS

Fiberlink in Hyderabad

Citizen Colony
Autobahn Road

Fiberlink in Faisalabad

Peoples Colony #1
Madina Town
Al-Najaf Colony
Abdullah Pur
Sir Syed Town
Bilal Park
Gulistan Colony
Kareem Garden
Kahayam Colony
Kahayaban Colony
Factory Area

Fiberlink in Lahore

Garden Town
Muslim Town
Faisal Town
Johar Town
Model Town
Allama Iqbal Town
Mustafa Town
Wahadat Colony
GECHS Link Road
M.M Alam Road
Nespak Housing Society
Revenue Housing Society
Abdalian Housing Society
Johar Avenue

Just check out some of their packages and you will be surprised you had not heard of Fiberlink earlier.

PTCL Alternatives
Courtesy: Fiberlink

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2. Stormfiber

PTCL Alternatives
Courtesy: Stormfiber

Coming up as our runner up in the five best alternatives to PTCL in Pakistan, Stormfiber is literally taking the cities of Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad by storm.

Powered by renowned Cybernet, customers should be assured that quality of service is guaranteed. The only reason I didn’t choose to go with Stormfiber or any other ISP instead of Fiberlink or PTCL was because of the lack of coverage in my area. Otherwise Stormfiber has some great customer feedback and reviews for their amazing packages.

Like Fiberlink, Stormfiber is also providing high speed fiber-to-home internet packages with unlimited bandwidth. The only difference is the slightly difference package costs, higher installation prices and the option of adding on TV and phone as well.

Stormfiber is known to give an installation time of two weeks, but can take up to a month or even more depending on your location and distance from their box. Stormfiber only provides service to those addresses which are under their coverage areas and does not go out of the way like Fiberlink does.

If you are looking for more cost-effective packages, Fiberlink is the service provider to go with. But if TV and phone are a must, Stormfiber is the next best thing and better than PTCL has ever been to consumers.

Stormfiber is available in limited areas of Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad right now, so better check by giving them a call if your area is on the list.

Stormfiber in Karachi

DHA – Phase 1, Parsi Colony, Phase 2, Phase 4-7, The Place, Creek Vista, General Colony, Sea View, Darakshan Villas
M.T. Khan Road – Lalazar Society

Stormfiber in Lahore

PCSIR Phase 1
Eden Canal Villas
New Muslim Town
New Garden Town
Faisal Town
Model Town
Model Town Extension
Johar Town
Iqbal Avenue
Sukh Chayn

Stormfiber in Faisalabad

Amin Town
Eden Valley
Eden Garden
Madina Town
Ghalid City
Hassan Villas
Green View Colony
Lasani Town
Regency Plaza
Chaudhry Arcade
Business Centre
Shadman Town
Peoples Colony

PTCL Alternatives
Courtesy: Stormfiber

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3. Optix

PTCL Alternatives
Courtesy: Optix

The only way to really empower consumers and keep the market safe from monopoly is by giving them options. This is the biggest reason for this blog post on Optix is the third ISP on our list as one of the best alternatives to PTCL in Pakistan. If you are one of the lucky ones to be getting Optix in your area, you better hurry and do so now.

Optix is servicing very limited areas like Fiberlink and Stormfiber, but they provide high quality internet, TV and phone with unlimited bandwidth and direct fiber-to-home.

The great thing about Optix is that they provide packages all the way from 2 mbps, all the way to 60 mbps, which can be bought separately or in a bundle. Prices of Optix services are higher than both Stormfiber and Fiberlink, but can easily beat PTCL’s overpricing for limited bandwidth any day.

PTCL Alternatives
Courtesy: Optix

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4. Nayatel

PTCL Alternatives
Courtesy: Nayatel

The all famous Nayatel of Islamabad and Rawalpindi is finally making inroads to Faisalabad and eventually other part of the country. Nayatel, for years, has been the only real competitor known to exist against PTCL’s monopoly.

Unfortunately, Lahore and Karachi have never gotten a chance to witness the quality service of Nayatel. Although Nayatel also has high priced and limited bandwidth bundles, their service has a much better reputation than PTCL.

Nayatel has a different sort of way of dealing with its consumers. Instead of offering a limited download package or limitless bandwidth at all times, Nayatel provides both limited and unlimited bandwidth at certain times a day.

The highest speed that Nayatel offers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad is 12 mbps, which isn’t as high or unlimited like Fiberlink, Stormfiber or Optix. But since the mentioned three aren’t servicing the norther region as of yet, Nayatel is the best alternative to PTCL in Pakistan in those areas.

Nayatel does also offer HD TV and phone services for its consumers.

PTCL Alternatives
Courtesy: Nayatel

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5. Wireless – Zong Wingle

PTCL Alternatives
Courtesy: Zong

For all the other cities and areas within the major cities which are not being services by any of the above mentioned ISPs, there isn’t any reason to worry. You still have a great option in alternative to PTCL in Pakistan and that is Zong’s own internet wingle.

Best part about the Zong Wingle is that it is completely wireless, provides wide and thorough coverage and you never have to worry about internet line outages again.

The only downside is that Zong’s internet wingle does have some high priced packages and lacks truly unlimited bandwidth. But if you are willing to pay a little more for high speed, high quality internet, Zong is the way to go.

Even though almost all telecom operators in Pakistan provide some sort of internet MiFi devices, Zong’s is the best one right now hands down. The coverage and speed of Zong outcompetes all others and since 3G/4G LTE are both offered by the Chinese mobile operator, you can rest assured of great internet connectivity wherever you are.

After going through’s comprehensive guide to the 5 best PTCL alternatives in Pakistan, you as a consumer should be more aware of the options you have. Don’t be stuck down with PTCL’s horrible service any longer and finally start living with high fiber-to-home internet speeds and unlimited downloading.

PTCL Alternatives
Courtesy: Zong

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What do you think about these ISPs in Pakistan? How has your experience with them been in comparison to PTCL? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page!