Xiaomi Store in Pakistan
Courtesy: Xiaomi

Well, this is not the first time I have been disappointed by an online sale. But this time, I’m not alone as hundreds of consumers and tech fanatics expressed their rage at the highly promoted Xiaomi store in Pakistan 48-hour sale.

For starters, as soon as the sale kicked off, most items were either out of stock or were artificially inflated in prices to seem as if a major discount is being given. People are not that easily tricked nowadays. Xiaomi should have known this better than anyone, if it plans to break into the Pakistani smartphone market.

The Xiaomi store in Pakistan can be checked out at this link and the 48-hour sale ends at 12:00 AM on September 27, 2017.

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Is This the Only Xiaomi Store in Pakistan?

Xiaomi Store in Pakistan
Courtesy: Xiaomi

According to what we know so far, yes. This is the official Xiaomi store in Pakistan which has an online presence. Even though there are a couple of others which offer a larger range of products, their ownership is still mysterious.

Just for the record, the other Xiaomi stores like XiaomiStore.pk, is not part of any sort of promotion or this 48-hour bonanza sale. Although, it does have a much larger range of products than compared to the “official” Xiaomi store in Pakistan, which is quite frustrating. Not only does this store have a larger variety of Xiaomi products, but the prices are also much better.

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Were the Products Artificially Inflated then Put on Discount?

Xiaomi Store in Pakistan

It does seem that way for sure. One of the most sought after products at the Xiaomi store in Pakistan is the Mi Amazfit Face smartwatch.

Users on Facebook have claimed that the price was originally PKR 15,000 and the Mi Store bumped it up to 17,000 to offer a discount. The new price after the discount is now PKR 13,500. Allowing the store to still maintain the same ratio of profit.

It is worth mentioning here that the same Mi Amazfit Pace is still available for PKR 15,000 at the other Xiaomi store in Pakistan. Does not seem like much of an extravagant sale after all.

Another example is that of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. For PKR 20,900, you can get only the gold version during the sale, which comes with a free car charger. This price is identical to what most online retailers in Pakistan are selling the device for.

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Products Sold Out Before the Sale Even Began

Xiaomi Store in Pakistan

There have been several aspects which the Xiaomi store in Pakistan could have managed better to make this sale a success and even capture a large share of the country’s smartphone market.

Before the sale even began, a number of the products, such as all of the Xiaomi headphones were already sold out. This can also be said about the Xiaomi power banks, as well.

Despite having a limited list of products being offered, the Xiaomi store in Pakistan did not consider putting everything on sale to live up to the hype. Only a select few of the products were offered discounts on, such as:

  • Redmi Note 4

  • Mi Electric Scooter

  • 5000mAh Mi Power Bank

  • Mi Bluetooth Headphones

  • Mi Amazfit Pace

  • Mi Max 2

  • 10000mAh mi 2 Power Bank

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Xiaomi Store in Pakistan Sale Limited to 25% Off

Xiaomi Store in Pakistan

The last sale which the Xiaomi store in Pakistan offered had prices slashed by 50%. Now that was a discount to go crazy over.

This time, the story is a little different. The maximum discount being offered right now by the Xiaomi store in Pakistan is just 25% and as you can see, some prices were increased before the sale to keep the same profit margin.

Plus, a ton of products are missing. Things like Xiaomi routers and Mi Cameras, the Xiaomi Android TV Box and countless accessories are not even offered on this official Xiaomi store in Pakistan. Looks like we’ll have to stick with the unofficial suppliers for now to satisfy our Xiaomi needs.

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