Unlimited Cellur Data Plan in Canada

We are well into the 21st century, but consumers are yet to experience the freedom of having an unlimited cellular data plan in Canada. The neighbors down south in the United States have already been given unlimited cellular data plans by most of the major telecommunication companies, but in Canada, the situation is a whole lot different.

For Americans, their largest cellular companies, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile, all have data plans that range from limited to unlimited based on budget and consumer requirement. Unlimited cellular data plans in the US range from $50 to $90 per month and give users the freedom from not having an axe hanging over their heads at all times.

Recent statistics point out to there being over 30 million wireless subscriptions in Canada and 90% of those are with the top three companies alone. Telus Mobility, Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility continue to dominate the market, but when it comes to offering a truly unlimited cellular data plan in Canada, all go silent.

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Limited Data Plans in Canada Are Not Cheap Either

The best part of all is that the current rate for limited data packages are pretty high. Some users even pay as much as $85 for a bundle with just 5 GBs of data. That is out of proportion, especially if you compare prices with some countries in Asia and other regions which may still be categorized as ‘underdeveloped’.

The closest you can get to an unlimited cellular data plan in Canada is around 15 GBs of data for a price tag of over $70 a month if you compromise on the minutes and text messaging facilities you will be getting. That’s still a highly unreasonable deal for the money.

Just as an example. You could get 100 GBs of cellular data in a country like Pakistan for under $30. Pakistan is similar to Canada in regards to the amount of people who use 3G/4G internet services from their cellular providers and has recently gotten major investment in the telecom sector.

So, what’s stopping the cellular companies in Canada from competing and expanding their infrastructure? Is it the investment or just the sheer unwillingness to disturb their comfortable monopoly?

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Some Day A Unlimited Cellular Data Plan in Canada is Bound to Happen

Like in the US, there will come a day when the demand for higher data rates and customer turnovers get so high that eventually one cellular company will jump up and make an offer. Let’s just hope for now that it won’t be too hard to resist and will be reasonably priced for the masses to use.

There is not just a need of a unlimited cellular data plan in Canada, it’s a universal requirement now. Consumers shouldn’t have to be constantly focused and worried about running out of data and getting charged like their no tomorrow for a couple of more MBs.

Canadians just don’t have it bad when it comes to an unlimited cellular data plan in Canada. They also have some of the most overpriced and undervalued broadband packages for their homes and offices compared to many countries around the world. It’s just sad how some of these companies are constantly charging exuberated rates for data plans that barely last a couple of weeks in the modern household.

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What Types of Cellular Data Plans are the US Consumer Getting?


For just $70-90 a month, including taxes and fees, you can get unlimited data, unlimited international calling to 70+ countries, unlimited texting and so much more. That’s a pretty great deal if you ask me.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is one of the largest cellular companies in the US. For $75 a month, plus taxes and fees, you could get unlimited 4G LTE, unlimited talk and text. Take that up to four or more lines for the family and each connection would cost just $40 a month, excluding taxes and fees.


How much should unlimited data, talking and texting within the US and to Mexico and Canada, with HBO included and unlimited texting from the US to 120+ countries cost? With AT&T in the US, that package would only cost $70 a month. It also comes with a bunch of other additions which would take forever just to mention separately.

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How Do Canadian Cellular Companies Compare?


Telus has got to be the worst cellular company in Canada when it comes to packages and pricing their bundles. For $85 a month, Telus is giving consumers just 3 GB of data, 300 local minutes and unlimited nationwide texting.

That is horrible.

Rogers Wireless

Rogers is better for their package variety, but the prices just bring all the morale down. For the same 3 GBs of data, Unlimited nationwide calling and texting, you should expect to pay at least $85 a month.

With Rogers Wireless, you can go up to 40 GB of data, but that will end up costing you a whopping $250 a month!

Bell Canada

Bell claims to be the fastest, largest and most reliable cellular network in Canada. It still isn’t ready to give a unlimited cellular data plan in Canada. For a $110 a month, Bell Canada gives consumers just 5 GB of data and unlimited calling and text for the US and Canada.

Bring that down to 3 GB, 300 local minutes and unlimited text and you will be paying the same $75 every month just like the other two providers.

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So, it is pretty clear that Canadian cellular companies have a pretty strong monopoly and understanding going on regarding what they provide their consumers with. All three have nearly identical packages for the same prices and none of them even get close to what we could regard as a unlimited cellular data plan in Canada.

Maybe policy makers will bring the issue to light in the near future and force more competition into the telecommunications arena in Canada. Canadians will just have to hold tight and see what happens.

What do you guys think about the current cellular situation and will it improve to the extent of their being an unlimited cellular data plan in Canada anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below or on the official TechBizWeb.com Facebook page!