Bluetooth Battery Indicators

Not knowing exactly how much juice your Bluetooth device has left has always been an issue for most Android users. Luckily, that all might be changing soon as sources from XDA developers are claiming that the latest version of the OS from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) has the feature and could add universal support for Bluetooth battery indicators.

For those of you who are using certain custom ROMs such as the LineageOS, this feature will not be anything new for you. Even some manufacturers like Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Huawei and Xiaomi have included this on top of their Android OS variations. For others, this feature has been a necessity, which they will hopefully have in future updates to Android.

Smartphones and other Android devices, which are running near basic stock versions of the OS, did not have this feature in any form or way. Users of Google, Sony and Motorola devices missed out on Bluetooth battery indicators the most. Now that will all change and will allow Android users to see the current battery levels of compatible Bluetooth devices.

This means you will now be able to see how much battery you have left in your Bluetooth device before the need to charge again. Currently, users are forced to continue using their Bluetooth devices until they ultimately run out of battery. Bluetooth battery indicators are a great addition to Samsung devices and could work out well for others too.

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Strong Support for Bluetooth Battery Indicators on Reddit

On the Android subreddit of Reddit, users advocated a strong need for Google to include support for Bluetooth battery indicators in the next Pixel smartphone. There are rumors that Google is planning to axe the headphone jack like Apple did with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The community voiced the opinion in an aggressive tone, especially since the feature is already widely available on Apple devices to support Bluetooth battery indicators for Apple compatible devices.

While the removal of the headphone jack on the next Google Pixel is just a rumor for now, having the feature regardless of that is still a necessity. More and more people are using Bluetooth headsets, speakers and smart automation devices, increasing the need for such a feature more than ever before.

The same was rumored about the Samsung Galaxy S8, but fortunately for Samsung fans, that turned out to be completely untrue. For many, not having Bluetooth battery indicators in future devices, could be a complete and utter deal breaker if there is no headphone jack included. Apple didn’t see its sales skyrocket recently because of nothing. If Apple has taken out the headphone jack, it made sure to compensate by having compatible devices and the full use of Bluetooth battery indicators on all levels.

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When Will Bluetooth Battery Indicators Be Featured in Android?

Nothing is for sure just yet, but some are expecting that Android 8.1 will include the feature in it. The release is widely expected in the last quarter of 2017 or early 2018, but there is no telling with Android. We’ll keep developing the story as we continue to get updates from the Android community.

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