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Access to quality healthcare is still a common issue faced by millions of Pakistanis. With most of the population living in rural and remote areas, myZindagi has come along with the hope to provide a comprehensive healthcare platform to anyone with a smartphone and internet access.

From being able to find hospitals and clinics near you to consulting with a healthcare professional right at the comfort of your own home, myZindagi makes it possible for everyone to get quality advice and healthcare access.

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What Makes myZindagi different?

Courtesy: myZindagi

A database of over 15,000 doctors in more than 40 cities around Pakistan, makes myZindagi the largest and most comprehensive healthcare platform in the country. For more than a year, the team at myZindagi has been hard at work under the radar to perfect the way their system works and it is now finally going strong for both Android and iOS users.

Some of the best features of myZindagi are:

  • Free Video Consultation with Doctors
  • Online Appointments
  • Free Doctor Advice
  • A Comprehensive Health Magazine
  • Directory of Pharmacies and Labs
  • Online Medical Records

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Where to Download the myZindagi App?

Users of Android and iOS can download the myZindagi app, completely free of cost, at the following links:

myZindagi Apple iOS

myZindagi Android Play Store

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What’s in it for the Pakistani Doctors?

Courtesy: myZindagi

Everyone seems to be focusing on how great the myZindagi app is for patients around Pakistan, but what about the thousands of doctors who sign up to participate? Well, this is a chance for many of them to shine. myZindagi is also a great platform for the best medical practitioners and specialists to expand their outreach and generate a long-lasting impact.

Instead of being restricted to a specific locality, doctors are now able to extend their profiles across the country. This results in them getting better exposure, increasing their appointments and generating better revenue. myZindagi also provides doctors with a complete profile, ability to promote their services on social media and customized webpages.

Everyone nowadays has a smartphone and with the widespread services of 3G and LTE, people like to search for doctors in their area. Rapid expansion in the cities has led to increased competition and myZindagi is a great way to get your name out there.

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Logon to myZindagi Right Now!

Courtesy: myZindagi

Why wait in line for hours or pay thousands to see a doctor when you could logon right now to myZindagi and be instantly connected? Check it out and do let us know your experience here in the comments section below!