Zong, without a doubt, offers some of the best postpaid packages out there for Pakistani consumers. When compared to other telecoms like Ufone, Mobilink or Telenor, it’s hard to find a better package which meets a wide range of needs. With a good package comes the need of constantly knowing how many resources you have left and not many people know the latest Zong balance check code for postpaid customers.

The method of finding out your available resources and balance check for postpaid customers on Zong is different to that for prepaid users. Let’s see what the difference is and how postpaid customers on Zong can find that information out:

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Zong Balance Check Code for Postpaid Customers via SMS

To get information on your current bill and available resources, postpaid customers on Zong can send “BL” to 567. Each SMS to 567 will be charged at Rs. 0.50+tax.

For credit limit specific inquires, you can SMS “CL” to 567 and “TN” to 567 to get Top 5 dialed numbers.

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Zong Balance Check Code for Postpaid Customers (Free of Charge Method)

Instead of having to pay Rs. 0.50+tax for each SMS to 567, there is a method which is completely free of charge for Zong postpaid customers.

All you have to do is dial *567#, which will than take you to a menu with a variety of options to check out.

It is good to keep in mind that all of these options require you to do so from your active mobile number. You will not be able to find out your balance, credit limit or any other details if attempted from a different Zong number.

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My Zong App for Postpaid Customers

Prepaid customers aren’t the only ones which have access to the My Zong App. Postpaid customers can also get a variety of information, change their current packages and find out all their remaining resources for free through the My Zong App.

Here are the links for Zong prepaid customers to download the app on either Android or iOS:

My Zong App on Android
Zong Balance Check Code for Prepaid
Source: Google Play Store
My Zong App on iOS
Zong Balance Check Code for Prepaid
Source: Apple App Store

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