Zong Internet Packages

Zong claims to be the best and largest mobile internet provider in Pakistan. Being a user myself, I must say that it is certainly one of the best out there. It is hard to find an exact bundle which suits to your needs, but Zong does have a pretty good range of internet packages available to give you the most for your money.

Whether you are a postpaid or prepaid customer, Zong’s internet packages should be able to live up to your expectations. Compared to the other telecom companies in Pakistan, Zong does a good job in providing high volume based bundles for a decent price.

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Zong Internet Packages for Postpaid Customers

Postpaid customers basically have four different bundles to choose from. These bundles come packaged with free minutes, SMS and internet. The amount obviously varies for the amount you are paying but there is a package for everyone based on their needs.

Here is a quick overview of the kinds of data limits were talking about for the latest available Zong internet packages for postpaid users.

  • Z300 comes with 1 GB (1000 MBs) of internet at Rs. 300+tax
  • Z500 is bundled with 2 GB (2000 MBs) of internet at a price of Rs. 500 +tax
  • Z900 is highly recommended by myself and gives you 4 GB (4000 MBs) of data at Rs. 900+tax
  • Z1500 is the most expensive one at Rs. 1,500+tax with 8 GB (8000 MBs) of data

Other than the internet data included in these bundles, Zong postpaid customers do not have the option to choose daily or weekly ones like prepaid customers. Instead, you can purchase add-on internet data at varying rates.

These add-ons range from the ‘Monthly Mini – 150 MB’ at Rs. 50/month, all the way to the ‘Monthly Premium – 20 GB’ at Rs. 3,500/month.

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Zong Internet Packages for Prepaid Customers

Now this is where it really gets fun. Prepaid customers have a large variety to choose from when it comes to talking about Zong internet packages. Anything from daily to weekly and even monthly deals are offered based on your data requirements and usage.

Here are the complete details of the Zong internet packages for prepaid 4G and 3G internet users.

Daily (24 Hours)

  • Daily Basic at Rs. 15 for 100 MB of data
  • Daily Data Max at Rs. 35 for 500 MB of data

Weekly (7 Days)

  • Weekly Premium at Rs. 70 for 700 MB which lasts 7 days
  • Super Weekly at Rs. 100 for 2 GB lasting 7 days

Monthly (30 Days)

  • Monthly Mini 150 MB at Rs. 50
  • Monthly Basic 500 MB at Rs. 150
  • Monthly Premium 2 GB at Rs. 300
  • Monthly Premium 6 GB at Rs. 600 (Highly Recommended) + free nights (1GB) 1am to 9am/daily
  • Monthly Premium 10 GB at Rs. 1,800

Content Bundles

  • Social Pack (Facebook,WhatsApp,Twitter) – Rs. 10 – 100MB – 1 Day
  • Classified Pack (Daraz,Lamudi,Kaymu,PakWheels & Carmudi) – Rs. 5 – 50MB – 1 Day
  • Facebook Daily 5 – 50MB – 1 Day
  • Whatsapp Daily 15 – 300MB – 1 Day
  • Twitter Daily 2 – 20MB – 1 Day

For all Zong customers out there, it is a good thing to keep in mind that all of these packages and their pricing are the same regardless of you using 4G or 3G services.

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Main Image Source: Zong