Instagram Update

Instagram has rolled out version 10.13 for its app on iOS and Android users which has brought about a couple of new changes that are quite important. From now on, Instagram users will now not be allowed to review or save their videos on the Instagram app. Instead, the new Instagram update brings about a feature to save the video to your mobile phone’s internal storage.

This new Instagram update is being rolled out as version 10.13. What is slightly confusing is that the official Instagram blog has termed it to be version 10.12, while the screenshot below clearly shows version 10.13. Instagram should have taken a closer look when publishing that number.

Instagram UpdateThe new update will allow users to continue broadcasting live, but the stream will no longer be saved on the app after the Instagram session has ended. This new Instagram update may have come about after a need to save on space by the company and would like users to store and host their own content. This is the only way the video will remain in your hold, otherwise it will disappear from your Instagram account.

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How to Save Those Videos

From the new Instagram update, users can only save the video. None of the comments, likes, number of viewers or anything which was done through the live interactions will be saved.

In order to save your video after the live video has ended screen pops up, all you have to do is tap save with the downward pointing arrow on the upper right hand corner. Tap on done after that and your video will be saved to your phone’s internal storage, more specifically, to your camera roll on the iOS platform.

Instagram Update
Source: Instagram

Instagram has also announced that a number of other updates will be made to the app during the year ahead. While this may not seem really like an update for Instagram users, there may be actual improvements in the days to come.

It’s worth mentioning that live streaming was introduced by Instagram in their Android and iOS apps back in December of 2016. Users had the ability to revisit videos they had made from the app, a feature which has now been removed following this new Instagram update.

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What do you think about the new Instagram update? Should Instagram have kept the ability to save videos on the app part of the experience? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or on the Official TechBizWeb Facebook Page.