Apple Phishing Email

I haven’t been an Apple user for long, but I have seen my fair share of phishing emails to gain access to my accounts. Most of the time, it has been an email asking to re-verify my account details to Google Drive, Gmail or even Facebook. Never did I expect an Apple phishing email.

For the first time since I’ve started using Apple devices, I’ve received a highly legitimate looking email which asked to re-verify my account details. To be honest, I was quite convinced and nearly fell into the scam.

Let me show you what I’m talking about.

The Actual Email

Apple Phishing Email

First of all, the email looked very convincing. The format and text used for the email was very Apple-like and I could not have imagined a better-looking Apple phishing email. The font was great and the overall layout of the email was quite professional.

Luckily, the email went straight into my Gmail SPAM folder. This certainly raised a red flag for me right then and there. What caught my eye next was the use of the wrong date and time format. The email was about my account being logged in from a browser in Hong Kong at 15:18 AM. Using the 24-hour clock format and adding AM/PM at the end raised concerns even further.

The link which the email was telling me to secure my account at was also deceiving. Without taking a second, closer look, you normally wouldn’t be able to tell that the link was also unlike anything what Apple would do.

I decided to take a look at where the email came from. Who would have guessed? The email name was ‘Apple ID’, but the exact email address was actually what killed off any remaining doubt. The email had come from ‘’.

Apple Phishing Email

Obviously, the email ended with ‘Sincerely Apple Support’.

So, if you ever get an email asking you to reverify your account details, make sure to take a closer look at where the email is coming from and whether or not your email server has labelled it as SPAM. Always think twice about opening such links because if your data gets in the wrong hands, it may never be safe again.

I hope that the people who take such steps and try to scam people by sending out an Apple phishing email to vulnerable users get a taste of their own medicine.

Have you ever received anything similar to this Apple phishing email which I saw in my SPAM folder? If so, let us know what happened and how we can avoid other such attempts in the comments section below.