In Pakistan, Zong has some of the best prepaid and postpaid SMS packages out there right now. If you are one of the confused Zong users and are unable to find the remaining SMS in your package, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will give you a thorough look at how you can check remaining SMS in Zong, regardless if you are using a postpaid or prepaid connection.

When it comes to using Zong in Pakistan, there are several SMS bundles available. Most of them are very cost-effective and great for all kinds of users.

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How to Check Remaining SMS in Zong for Prepaid Customers?

Prepaid customers usually have the most fun in terms of variety of bundles. Postpaid customers are usually restricted to sticking with their package and have a limited amount of options to choose from as add-ons.

Amazingly, it is quite hard to find out how to do this on the Zong website. Browsing through the Zong website to see how to check remaining SMS in Zong for prepaid customers, there was practically no information on this subject which was easily available.

Simplifying your life, here are some of the ways prepaid Zong customers can check the remaining amount of SMS they have in their different bundles:

The 102 Inquiry Service

  • Dial *102#. You need to reply within 30 seconds, otherwise the service will timeout
  • Select Option Number 3 for Free SMS
  • You will then receive an SMS with the remaining amount of your SMS in any specific bundle mentioned

This service is not free of charge and costs Rs. 0.10 + Tax/enquiry

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How to Check Remaining SMS in Zong for Postpaid Customers?

Like the procedure to check remaining SMS in Zong for prepaid customers, postpaid users can also choose a simple route such as this one.

The 567 Inquiry Service

  • SMS “BL” to 567 or dial *567# to get usage/free resources details (This includes SMS)
  • SMS “CL” to 567 or dial *567# for credit limit
  • SMS “TN” to 567 to get Top 5 dialed numbers

This service for postpaid customers is also not free of charge. The cost for each inquiry is set by Zong at Rs. 0.50 + Tax

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My Zong App: The Free Way to Check Remaining SMS in Zong

Remaining SMS in Zong

The great thing about Zong, over many other telecom networks in Pakistan is the My Zong App. It may not be perfect or entirely bug free, but it certainly does get the job done.

By installing and using the My Zong App, you can easily and most striking of all, free of charge check your remaining SMS in Zong at any time and as many times as needed. This is possible for both postpaid and prepaid customers who are using Zong.

If you are looking to download the My Zong App for your mobile phone, here are the links for the Google and Apple app stores:

My Zong App for Android Users

My Zong App for Apple iOS Users

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Images Courtesy: Zong