Open the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and you will find a wide variety of applications claiming to be the best VPN for your mobile phone. Some are well known, while others are newer to the VPN game and it is hard to tell which VPN is really the Best VPN app out of them all.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a confusing ordeal. The entire purpose of using one is to secure your online presence and keep that anonymity you are looking for. Unfortunately, not all VPN apps are able to guarantee that despite solid looking claims on their app profiles.

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What You Need in a VPN App

Best VPN App
Source: Apple App Store

The best VPN app out there should be able to secure your online profile and provide quick surfing for all your needs. If a VPN is great at securing your network, but fails to allow you to browse at a decent speed, it is pointless. Most of the older VPN apps out there are great for that, but are barred with data limitations and speed.

Let’s face it. Most users are not willing to pay for VPN apps, unless they truly are power users and need it almost all the time. Regular users mostly access the internet through VPN apps because of certain limitations and restrictions placed on their network. Some countries, businesses and even public networks have restricted access for many services. These restrictions could be places on social media access or being able to use some of the popular websites for a variety of reasons.

Whatever your specific need is regarding the use of a VPN app, it needs to be secure and fast.

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Why I Chose Opera VPN as 2017’s Best VPN App

Best VPN App
Source: Apple App Store

If you are looking to pay for access and the ability to use all features, there are some great premium VPN apps out there. If you are like most of the iPhone iOS and Android users out there that just need a great VPN app to use and still not feel like you’re using a ‘basic’ version, Opera is the way to go.

Opera VPN is our best VPN app of 2017 for several reasons. Here they are:

  • Free to download
  • Unlimited usage
  • Ability to choose from a variety of VPN server locations around the world
  • Solid backing of Opera brand name
  • Excellent speed throughout regardless of time of usage
  • Extremely easy to install and doesn’t keep disconnecting

Opera VPN also comes with a built-in ad blocker for ads in Safari, Chrome and other browsers. A built-in tracker blocker is also claimed to be great for enhancing online privacy by the company. I have not paid much attention to those aspects, but I’m sure they come in handy for ensuring privacy and your identity online.

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Is it Good on iOS and Android?

Best VPN App
Source: Google Play Store

Not only is Opera VPN good on both iOS and Android, it’s great! This app is easy to download, install and connect to. Even some of the well-known VPN apps in the market give users a tough time when connecting to and staying connected. Opera VPN is solid in performance.

With all VPNs, there is a difference of speed when being connected to one and when openly using your internet connection. With Opera VPN, I saw a slight difference in speed but to be honest, it was barely noticeable. Other VPN apps slow your speed down considerably. Video streaming is nearly impossible, but Opera VPN does a great job in this regard. Maybe it is because of Opera’s VPN app still not having as many people on board as other apps, but I’m sure that they have made plans to keep performance going smooth.

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For Apple users, Opera VPN is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later. It also works great on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Android 4.0.3 is a minimum requirement for those of you using mobile phones or tablets which come with Google’s OS and I have not seen any problems with the app yet.

For 2017, the best VPN app is Opera VPN without a doubt. After testing and trying a wide range of others, there were not many that even came close to this one. Hands down, if you’re looking for a great performing, ad-free and truly free of charge unlimited VPN app for either iOS or Android, Opera VPN is for you.

Main Image Source: Opera