Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy C5 Pro in China and there is no confirmation yet of when it will be available in other markets around the world. This news comes just a couple of months after Samsung made the Galaxy C7 Pro official and expectations of the Galaxy C5 also going pro were intensifying.

The announcement was made and can be seen on the official Samsung website for China. Let’s go ahead and look at what this new smart mobile phone is all about.

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Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro
Courtesy: Samsung

The all new Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro will be one of the best smartphones in its price range. The range of specifications which are being offered do seem to be too good to be true. 2017 is expected to be a pretty good year for Samsung. There will be several feature packed smartphones to hit the market, before the South Korean mobile company rolls out its flagship Galaxy S8.

Some of the most notable features of the Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro are:

  • 2-inch Super AMOLED Screen with 424 ppi pixel density
  • Dual SIM support
  • Packed with Android 7.0 Nougat (most likely out of the box)
  • A Octa-core 2.2 Ghz Cortex-A53 CPU, Qualcomm MSM8953-Pro Snapdragon 626 processor
  • 64 GB built in storage and 4 GB RAM with microSD slot up to 256 GB
  • 16 MP primary and secondary cameras
  • Fingerprint scanner and a 2600 mAh battery (non-removable)

It looks like Samsung is ditching the microUSB slot as well since this and most of its newer mobile phones are coming with a USB Type-C slot. There is also a headphone jack and expanded speaker grille for better audio quality.

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Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy C5

The primary difference between the C5 Pro and the previous C5 is the processor and GPU being used. With the Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro, you get an upgraded Adreno 506 and Snapdragon 626. While on the C5, it comes packed with an Adreno 405 and Snapdragon 617. This will certainly mean a difference in performance when it comes to power users.

May 2016’s C5 had a primary 16 MP camera and 8 MP secondary one. This has all changed now with the C5 Pro getting 16 MPs on both sides. Other than that, the biggest notable difference in design will be the change from microUSB to USB Type-C.

Display, screen resolution and quality, along with battery power remain the same for both the C5 Pro and the C5.

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Which Colors Are Availble for the Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro?

Last year’s C5 came in Gold, Pink Gold and Dark Grey. This time around, Samsung decided to mix things up a little by introducing a newer range of colors in the C5 pro. They are:

  • Lake Blue
  • Maple Leaf
  • Powder Rose

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Prices and Availability of the Samsung C5 Pro

For now, Samsung has decided to keep the launch of the Galaxy C5 Pro limited to China. The new mobile phone is set to ship out on March 16, 2017 and will cost the Chinese consumers CNY 2,499, which is approximately USD $362.

The previous C5 went on to be available in various global markets such as India, Pakistan and others. This is highly likely for the C5 Pro as well.

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It is expected that the Samsung C5 Pro will launch in Pakistan and India, along with other Asian markets in the coming months. The launch of this mobile phone is unlikely in western markets such as the US, Canada and the United Kingdom, for now.