It may sound strange for many of you by not knowing which Apple iPhone model you have. Amazingly, it is quite a common phenomenon and people are not to blame for that. How to determine Apple iPhone model is easier than you can think.

Apple does not normally label any iPhone, except a few, with the exact model of the mobile phone. Unlike Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers, who label most of their products with the name, Apple likes using a ‘model number’, instead.

iPhones do not have 6 or 6 Plus or 7 written anywhere on them. Which is why many owners of an iPhone may get confused and don’t have any clear-cut way of determining it. This can be more of an issue when buying a used device, especially when there isn’t much difference in how the Apple iPhone looks.

An example of this could be the iPhone 6 and 6S. Unless you know every difference between the two devices, it is hard telling them apart. Luckily, Apple has a mechanism of labelling devices in it’s own unique way. Through a number, which is exclusive to each model and is known as the iPhone’s ‘model number’.

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Method 1: How to Determine Apple iPhone Model – On Your iPhone

How to Determine Apple iPhone Model

Look at the back of your iPhone. This is where your primary camera will be and each model of the iPhone since the first generation has an Apple logo on the back.

Move your view to the bottom of your iPhone’s back where it will most likely have written “iPhone”.

Below that, there will be tiny lines of text with very specific information. This is where you will find your model number.

As an example, my Apple iPhone 7 Plus has the following written right below where it says iPhone:

Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.
Model A1661 FCC ID Number and IC Number

When interesting in how to determine Apple iPhone model, the only detail you should be interested in is the ‘Model’ part of that information.

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Method 2: How to Determine Apple iPhone Model – In Your Settings

How to Determine Apple iPhone Model

If the text is either too small to read or for whatever reason has been scratched beyond comprehension, there is nothing to worry about. There is a much easier way of determining your iPhone model number.

All you have to do is go into your iPhone’s settings.

From there, go into the ‘General’ section.

Scroll to the bottom and just before reset, you should be able to see the “Regulatory” option. Tap onto that and most likely the first thing which will be displayed is ‘Model’.

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Match Your iPhone Through Model Number

How to Determine Apple iPhone Model

Now that you should have your iPhone’s model number in hand, you need to match that with the model specific to that model number. Here is a list of iPhone models and their exact model numbers:

  • Apple iPhone (First Generation) 2007 – Model Number A1203
  • Apple iPhone 3G 2008 – Model Number A1324 and A1241
  • Apple iPhone 3GS 2009 – Model Number A1325 and A1303
  • Apple iPhone 4 2010 – Model Number A1349 and A1332
  • Apple iPhone 4s 2011 – Model Number A1431, A1387 and A1387
  • Apple iPhone 5 2012 – Model Number A1428, A1429 and A1442
  • Apple iPhone 5c 2013 – Model Number A1456, A1507, A1516, A1529 and A1532
  • Apple iPhone 5s 2013 – Model Number A1453, A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530 and A1533
  • Apple iPhone SE 2016 – Model Number A1723, A1662 and A1724
  • Apple iPhone 6 2014 – Model Number A1549, A1586 and A1589
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus 2014 – Model Number A1522, A1524 and A1593
  • Apple iPhone 6s 2015 – Model Number A1633, A1688 and A1700
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus 2015 – Model Number A1634, A1687 and A1699
  • Apple iPhone 7 2016 – Model Number A1660, A1778 and A1779
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus 2016 – Model Number A1661, A1784 and A1785

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Hopefully, you can now not only find your iPhone’s model number, but also match it with the provided list of Apple devices. If not, share the problem you are facing in the comments section and I’ll be glad to help out.