Gone are the days when it was considered a good thing to stick to one mobile phone brand and stay loyal for years to come. If someone started out with an Apple iPhone, it came under the category of sinning if that person changed over to a different brand or took a dip into what Android feels like. Not anymore. Changing a mobile phone is easier than changing clothes nowadays.

It is believed that Google was initially looking to create a similar operating system experience which could have been related to the Blackberry OS of the time. Luckily, something sparked at Google and after Apple came out in 2007 with the iOS, Android was launched a year later with a similar, yet refined GUI and OS.

While both iOS and Android both have their various pros and cons, some facts make each unique and better than the other. For those of you who are looking for reassurance to buy an Android mobile phone or maybe regain confidence in the one you already have, let’s talk about 5 ways Google’s Android is better than Apple’s iOS.

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Downloadable Content on Android

Android is better
The variety of apps is also unlimited on Android

A few ways which most people describe Android is better than iOS are usually mobile phone manufacturer specific, rather than being a distinct Android feature. Things such as screen size, display quality and other physical features depend on the manufacturer and less on the OS being used.

One way you are able to separate Android from Apple’s iOS is really by the ability to customize your experience. This means downloading content onto your device from wherever you please. Whether you talk about adding music, movies, apps, documents or pictures, Android gives you total freedom in regards to where you want to save them and how you wish to use the files.

iOS on the other hand, provides a very restricted environment. Apple iPhones are not able to even download music from other sources. Some restrictions have gotten much better than previous years, but the workaround is still more complex than in Android. With Apple, everything is about syncing with iTunes. Android could care less about any official synchronization requirements.

If this is a dire matter of importance for you, then hands down, go for an Android powered device.

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Variety of Devices

Android is Better
There are usually 1-5 Unique Brands of Android Mobile Phones in Most Countries

This is where Apple deserves props. With a limitless variety in Android mobile phones available on the market from a huge array of manufacturers which include names like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Sony, LG and Nokia, Apple is taking them all on single handed. This is unprecedented.

The biggest reason for this is Apple’s complete authority over iOS and Google allowing people to openly and freely use Android as a platform. Doing so has its own benefits for Apple, but has given Android a much better edge in reaching out to the masses. If the only smartphone available in the market was an Apple iPhone, we are sure that most people in the world would still be without one.

If you want to go for iOS, Apple is the only one you have. When it comes to Android, there are countless options to choose from. Do you really think we would mention all those varieties right here and now? That would literally take all day and should be kept for another day and another time.

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The Price Factor

Android is better
Samsung has phones of all price ranges.

With a variety of manufacturers to choose from, that means amped up competition and the fight for cheaper, better quality phones. Other than the bigger names out there, each and every country has a unique brand name of phones (usually) which puts up quite a battle with even better priced and decent looking phones.

From China, Oppo and Xiaomi are spreading quite fast and in other places we can see OnePlus and a number of others. While the new iPhone usually starts off at around $600 or more, you can find Android phones for as low as $150 or even less in most parts of the world. Sure, quality is always an issue, but for a $500 difference, quality isn’t always as bad.

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Extendable Memory

Android is better
128 GB and 256 GB on the Apple iPhone are great. But why not a storage slot too?

Ok, this may again be something specific to mobile phone manufacturers, but it is only limited to Android phones right now. Thus, proving Android is better, certainly in this category. There has not been a single Apple iPhone in its history spanning a decade which has come with extendable memory.

On the other hand, some Android mobile phones now have the ability to insert cards of over 320 GB while having internal storage of their own. Personally, we believe if you want a device to truly be an all-in-one, having multiple storage options is absolutely necessary. Apple has finally taken things up a notch with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus coming in 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB variants. We believe that the 32 GB variant should have been phased out with a 64 GB one instead.

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A Back Button!!

Samsung Note 7 Explosion
Android mobile phones usually have a physical back button or one built-in on their displays.

Again, manufacturer related, but this needs to be said urgently! This is such a huge benefit of having basically any other phone than an Apple iPhone. With an iPhone, you are constantly looking around from how to get back. The assistive touch option is now more of a way to get to the home screen without using the home button for fear of it getting wrecked and costing you hundreds in repairs.

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Let’s see what the iPhone 8 will have in store for all of us, hopefully a way of moving back and forth will get easier. Whether or not you are an Apple or Android loyalist, these above points are great in proving why Android is better than iOS. Worry not Apple fans, we will be doing another feature on why iOS is better than Android pretty soon too.