Long before there was WhatsApp and all of the internet-using messaging apps of today, Apple was known for its ability to allow communication between two iPhones without the need of anything but the internet. This aspect of Apple is still predominately unique today as no other mobile phone maker has made any notable effort in this regard.

Apple iMessage and FaceTime are some of the best reasons to use an iPhone. The services are fast, secure and you can communicate openly with others who have an Apple iPhone.

The other day, someone asked me about turning off iMessage. Honestly, I was pretty surprised because one, I have never thought of disabling the iMessage service on my iPhone. Lastly, since that thought never crossed my mind, I had no idea of how to do it.

So, I messed around a little and found out how simple it was. I personally don’t recommend turning off iMessage since it is such a great service to have and does not eat into your SMS package at all as long as you have internet enabled on your device. Whatever your reason is, the process to turn iMessage off is pretty easy. Here it goes.

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Get into Your Apple iPhone’s Settings

iMessage Turn Off

I hope you all know where the settings are. Just for those of you who do not, it is a box with gears inside with settings written on the bottom on your main homepage (usually). Open that up and let’s take this from there.

There are a number of options when you open up settings and there is only one place where we want to be right now in order to turn off iMessage. The Apple iPhone is a beautiful device and most things are organised pretty neatly. Unless you have never tried to look at what your iPhone is really capable of.

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Next Comes Messages

iMessage Turn Off

In the middle of the settings page, there should be a section with all the basic Apple applications. For me, it was right below phone and above FaceTime. I am assuming it is like that on all Apple iPhone’s with the latest software updated. If not, just look for the option called “Messages” and you should be good to go.

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Turn iMessage Off

iMessage Turn Off











When you are into the “Messages” option, you are now at your destination and can easily toggle iMessage on and off. If the slider next to ‘iMessage’ is green and to the right, this means that your iPhone’s iMessage service is currently enabled.

Go ahead and click on the slider, where it should now move towards the left and become white. Congratulations! You have now turned off your Apple iPhone’s iMessage capabilities. If you want to turn it back on at any point of time, just follow the steps again and move the slider to the right. It should turn green, indicating that ‘iMessage’ is active again.

Just as a reminder in case iMessage does not turn off or turn on again, make sure to restart your mobile phone once and it should be fine.

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