When you are setting up a new website or a personal blog, choosing which Content Management System (CMS) to go with is a tough choice to make. Some of the most popular today are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento.

These Content Management Systems are the foundation of any website. From here, people then go on to actually designing a website and tweaking its functionality with code. A CMS is basically used to manage the content of the website and is useful for overall website functioning.

If you are also getting into the business of creating your own website, it is generally a good idea to see which platforms are being used by those who can be targeted as your competitors. This will give valuable insight into which content management system is better suited to your website’s needs and potential capabilities.

Here are the top five sources where you can simply check a website’s content management system, technology and platform being used by typing in the URL.

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Built With

Source: Built With

For a highly detailed look into all the sort of technology, hosting and platform a website is using, ‘Built With’ is the way to go. This website provides a complete technology profile of the URL in question.

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Online Web Tool’s CMS Detector

Source: OnlineWebTool

Looking for only the CMS being used by a website? Than Online Web Tool’s Content Management System detector gets the job done. Simply type in the URL and the answer will popup below.

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Source: W3Techs

The overall look of W3Techs may be of a website from the 90s, but they have got their stuff down. This is another source to check out the detailed technology profile of websites just like Built With. It is an excellent resource from crosschecking as well since not everything on each website will be perfectly accurate.

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Source: Guess CMS

The great thing about the CMS Detector tool provided by Guess is the ability to check a website in seconds and usually comes up with an accurate answer. This tool provides simple information about the platform, language and framework being used by a particular website.

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Source: WhatCMS

Simple, quick and to the point can define WhatCMS. Just head over to the website, type in the website URL and get the CMS being used. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Hopefully after this new treasure of information that you can get to know a website in quite detail, the next step is to move on and actually create your website. Nevertheless, this is still a great way to kill some time and learn a ton about some of the best websites out there.

What do you think about these Content Management Systems detecting tools? Have any better options you may have been using? Why not share with us in the comments section below, or on the TechBizWeb Facebook page.