AT&T customers in the United States should start getting pretty excited because 5G is not too distant of a dream anymore. Speeds of over 400 Mbps on mobile devices and smartphones could be a reality as soon as 2020. For residents of Austin, Texas and Indianapolis, Indiana, that may be as soon as mid-2017.

It was during an event held in San Francisco, California, in which AT&T showcased concepts for the future and enhanced methods of managing data traffic to ensure optimized speed levels. This sort of technology by AT&T, could easily bring about the death of high speed broadband as we know it, especially since the telecom giant hopes to spread out to hard-to-reach customers in all areas.

“It all starts with connectivity. And we’re at the forefront of the push to next-generation network connections. We’ll launch our first “5G Evolution Markets” in the coming months in Austin and Indianapolis. We expect our wireless network to offer theoretical peak speeds of 400Mbps or higher.  As we continue densifying our network and deploying technologies, like carrier aggregation and LTE-License Assisted Access (LAA), we expect to enable theoretical peak speeds up to 1Gbps in some areas in 2017,” AT&T disclosed in a press release.

Since 2007, data traffic has increased on the AT&T network by a staggering 250,000 percent. This is monumental, since most of the data is now related to online streaming and quicker than ever before access.

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AT&T 5G Connectivity for All People and Devices

Imagine a world without any internet device at home, not even a WiFi router

In the coming years, antennas could become the norm around the United States. This technology would give AT&T 5G customers fiber-like speeds, without the need of any other equipment or lines being installed underground. Such methods could really revolutionize access to the internet even further, bringing each and every household online. More than 400,000 customers are expected to be connected via the new technology from AT&T in the announced areas by the end of 2017.

What makes this breakthrough even more exciting is not only the far-reaching effects it will have on people with limited access. The real impact will be on all future devices which will require internet connectivity and the need to always be online. This would be huge for self-driving cars, an interconnected home and all wireless mobile devices. The possibilities would truly be limitless when everything is always online.

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5G an Enemy for Technicians

Engineers, not technicians will be fixing your internet now

If this sort of 5G technology by AT&T becomes common throughout the nation, technicians and other support staff could be out of jobs very soon. Engineers at AT&T will now be able to control data flow related issues and manage speeds at traffic peak hours through the new network overhaul.

Instead of having to send out expensive equipment and highly skilled technicians to do the setup and maintenance manually, all will be controlled and optimized remotely.

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This new announcement of 5G technology by AT&T does sound exciting. What do you think on it? Let us on in the comments section below or on the TechBizWeb Facebook page.