Zong is one of the renowned telecommunication service providers in Pakistan. This recent year has been great for the Chinese owned company as it saw a major boost in subscribers and increased brand penetration. Sadly, 2017 was inaugurated by a sharp increase in Zong internet packages.

In the heat of competition, telecommunication companies across Pakistan are currently deadlocked in providing low rates and better service quality. Zong on the other hand, is one of the newer names around and is yet to establish itself as a quality service provider in Pakistan. Compared to Mobilink, Ufone and Telenor, Zong had gained major ground, but call quality still lacks in many areas around Pakistan.

A price increase of as much as PKR 1,000 was witnessed overnight on Zong internet packages, which may result in customers looking at alternatives with better pricing. Here are what Zong internet packages look like now:

Zong Internet Packages
Source: Zong

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Not Any Better for Post-Paid Customers

Postpaid customers are the backbone of any telecommunications company, especially in Pakistan. The older companies have always had a hold on the postpaid segment, but Zong’s innovative packages to include all-network minutes made it an attractive one for sure. That too changed recently as Zong also introduced the concept of off-net and on-net minutes prior to the freedom of packages with all-net minutes.

It doesn’t stop there. Zong internet packages saw a new addition earlier in 2016 when the company introduced a 6 GB monthly package. Unfortunately, no matter how well priced it was, postpaid customers were just not allowed to take benefit of it. This really brings up the question of when Zong will learn that customers are well aware of options nowadays and porting over their numbers for better services takes minimal effort.

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Some postpaid customers have also complained about a strict billing system which is highly out of the ordinary. Doing some research of our own, we were surprised to learn that a postpaid customer, despite no matter how many minutes and data they had left on the package or an amount in their credit limit, Zong cuts off that customer right at the end of the billing cycle without any prior notification.

To elaborate, this means that the customer is practically not allowed to do anything and cannot even call the Zong customer care centre despite having a sufficient amount left on the credit limit and package.

Unused minutes were also carried over for postpaid customers, but it seems as though this practice has also been discontinued. Looking at the list of recent features taken away from loyal customers, the increase in Zong internet packages comes as a shock. Let’s see if Zong will work towards being unique in the competition or become one of the same old.

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