You may have heard that over 1000 apps are added into the iTunes Apps Store every single day. That is pretty impressive and mindboggling at the same time. With the number of iOS apps being added, it is even more confusing to understand how all of them even get into consideration by the common Apple iPhone user.

Well, there is a special market out there for everyone and iOS apps are plenty in variety. App developers also try and see which one of their creations really kick off with the targeted audience, but very, very few actually make it big.

For 2016, here are some of the top iOS apps, which we at TechBizWeb believe are the soul of an Apple iPhone. Absolutely essential is the theme here because if we wanted to start talking about all the iOS apps available right now, it would be tough to capture an interested enough audience.


iOS Apps

If you are an Android user and contemplating a move to the Apple iPhone, Gboard is by far going to be your best friend. The first aspect Android fans hate about the iPhone is the Apple keyboard and a lack of suitable-to-their-needs alternative. Luckily, Google made the transition easier. Don’t know if they did it to actually attract Android users to Apple or what the reason was behind that.

Anyways, the Gboard is the best keyboard on Apple and better than the iPhone’s own built-in one. It gives you the ability to do much more than the conventional iPhone keyboard, like finding and sending GIFs, swipe style typing and even having access to Google search right on the spot.

It is the best of Android all in one keyboard. Former Android users, this is a must check for you.


iOS Apps

Now this one might be a confusing addition here. Not many people would have expected us to include Digg into the list of Top 5 Apple iPhone iOS Apps of 2016. Well, here it is and it is here to stay.

Now, let’s see why. Basically, for those of you who love reading the latest opinions, features and breaking stories, Reddit was always a go-to. Reddit is still number one on our list for sure, but their iOS app is horrible. There is no better way to put it at all, other than horrible.

Sadly, there isn’t even a better alternative on iOS for us Redditors to use. Which is why Digg is our choice of being one of the best. It of course cannot live up to the Reddit legacy, but still provides us with a daily dose of information overload that we so much crave – without the hassle.

Google Maps

iOS Apps

Without a doubt, Google Maps makes the lives of Apple users easier no matter where they are. Apple Maps is a complete failure in most parts of the world, which is why Google’s alternative has become our primary source of directions.

Google Maps work extremely well in the iOS space and even have an awesome widget that users can add to their screen. Some even say that Google Maps on the Apple iPhone is better than on any Android mobile phone. A pretty tall claim but we are not fighting it for sure.

Amazingly, Google is doing a pretty good job for Apple as well. Wake up iOS developers!


iOS Apps

Facebook was always good on Android, but never that well refined on Apple’s iOS. Facebook makes it to the list of our Top 10 Apple iPhone iOS Apps of 2016 just because they’ve done a great job in improving the overall experience. Videos are smooth, pictures load up well and the connectivity with Facebook Messenger is also ideal.

Let’s hope the trend to improve continues for iOS in 2017 as well.

Google Chrome

iOS Apps

Looks like the list of top iOS apps is filled with apps mostly made by Google. Pretty astonishing, isn’t it?

Again, for those of you who have regularly used Android before, the Safari browser built-in to your Apple iPhone will be a nightmare. Fortunately, the Google Chrome browser for iOS is as good as you would expect it to be.

If we may add, Firefox on iOS is good, too. It may be even better on iOS than it is on Android. Just check it out and let us know what you think.