2016 was a pretty fun filled year for Android users everywhere and it does not look like the thrill is going to slow down anytime soon. From the launch of Google’s very own Pixel to the exploding Note 7, there was not a single day when something interesting didn’t happen.

What remained constant was the great stream of apps which continued to enthrall Android mobile users. Here is our list of the top 5 Android apps of 2016, which we think most people wouldn’t have had such a great year without. We certainly would not have.

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Facebook Messenger

Android Apps

This Android app by Facebook has made life so much more connected and easier. Instead of having separate messengers and adding a limited number of those on your contact list, Facebook messenger does it all. From texting to video and voice chat capability, this Android app is by far the most useful.

Best of all, Facebook messenger really did improve a ton in 2016. The video quality is superior and can almost compete with Apple’s Facetime. Google’s new introductions called “Allo” and “Duo” did make some waves, but have yet to come a long way in terms of them becoming a norm.

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Google Keep

Android Apps

The problem with most of the productivity apps available on Android is the lack of integration. It is hard managing the current accounts a person has and adding on a couple more just makes life even more complex than it needs to be.

Google Keep gives the best of organizing, making lists and taking notes while being synchronized through your Gmail account. You can even add photos and scribble, along with a long list of features which make it the best note-taking Android app of 2016.

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Office Lens

Android Apps

There are plenty of Android apps out there which enable you to scan a document through your mobile camera. Unfortunately, not all are that easy to use and could end up costing a boatload for highly needed features. This is where Microsoft stole the show.

With the Office Lens by Microsoft, it is easier than ever to take high quality shots of documents and work that would otherwise require a scanner. Not only documents, but pictures of whiteboards, receipts and whatever that can be scanned.

What makes this one of the best Android apps is the fact it easily integrates with other Office apps and effortlessly converts images into PDF, Word and PowerPoint files. You can even save it to any app you like, with a special focus on OneNote and OneDrive.

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Opera VPN

Android Apps

Android mobile users in the United States, Canada and Europe may not have much an issue with internet connectivity. It is a whole different story when you are in Asia, South America or basically any other part of the world. There are many countries which have specific restrictions on what residents can access on the internet and VPN apps have been around for ages addressing that issue.

Till now, there wasn’t a single VPN app which really lived up to its claims. Most would come popping out as being excellent Android apps, but slow down and eventually be frustrating to use or cost an arm for premium access. Opera seems to have changed that for good.

The Opera Free VPN is an excellent new addition by Opera. For now, and hopefully forever, it is a fast, unlimited and free of cost VPN service for mobile users. It also allows users to choose between the US, Canada, Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands to use as a location and has a superior user interface.

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Google Maps

Android Apps

What would we be doing or going, for that matter, without Google Maps? Even Apple users are thankful for Google Maps. Fortunately, Google made the app far better than it ever has been before and there is no competing at all in this department.

Countries like Pakistan and India even have great inclusion in Google Maps. Being able to see traffic density, expected time duration of travelling and various other features make it a blessing to use.

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What do you think were some of the best Android apps of 2016? Let us know in the comments section below or on the TechBizWeb Facebook page.