Shifting to a new Apple iPhone and finally getting a taste for iOS? Maybe you are planning to make the change sometime soon. Whatever the situation is, moving from Android to an Apple iPhone may be intimidating. For most users, questions about how they will transfer their WhatsApp data from one to the other is usually at the core of their worries.

Not to fear. In today’s world, there is a solution to everything if you look hard enough. At TechBizWeb, we have the best available guide for you to make your transition from Android to an Apple iPhone as easy and smooth as possible.

Best of all, you won’t have to use pirated software or even jailbreak your device. Just follow this simplified guide and you’ll be using your iPhone with all your precious WhatsApp data in no time.

What’s Needed to Get Started with Backing Up WhatsApp Data

  1. Download and Install the Latest Version of iTunes for your Mac or Windows computer.
  2. Make sure that both the mobile phones are connectable to the computer you are going to be using. If not, ensure that you have the latest drivers installed and your mobile phone is successfully connecting to the system.
  3. Have a rooted Android device. Very easy to do and not exactly like jailbreaking a device.
  4. Since you will need to transfer WhatsApp data, make sure you have WhatsApp downloaded on your iPhone.
  5. Download and Install BackupTrans, which is the software you will be using to do the actual transfer.

Note: BackupTrans, according to the official website, has now added support for Android Nougat 7.0 and iOS 10+. Also, it is not free! Unlike other websites out there which claim it is. It is not and the trial version will only allow you to transfer a limited amount of files.

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Now that you have everything ready to go, let’s go ahead and get to it:

Step #1 – Backup WhatsApp Data on Android Mobile Phone

Whatsapp Data
Don’t be messing around with any other options

Ok, so this step should be pretty clear and obvious. Go ahead and backup your WhatsApp data on the Android mobile phone you are wishing to transfer from. It can look a little like this –

Open WhatsApp –> Go To Settings –> Chat Settings –> Backup Chats

This will create a backup of your WhatsApp data on your mobile phone’s internal storage or memory card if you have one in place.

Step #2 – USB Debugging Enabled on Android Mobile Phone

Whatsapp Data
This is usually safe to keep on

For those of you who are not very in touch with this technical stuff, this step is probably the easiest out of all of them. Simply do the following:

Android Mobile Phone Settings –> Developer Options –> Tick the USB Debugging Box

These pictures are fortunately all exact ways your screen should look like at the time of going through these steps. You are nearly halfway through with transferring your WhatsApp data.

Step #3 – Connect Android Mobile Phone to Computer and Backup WhatsApp Data

Whatsapp Data
The good old Micro USB for most Android mobile phones

This is where you need to be slightly careful. With the USB cable which you use to regularly connect to your computer, hook that up to your Android phone and run the WhatsApp data transfer software you will be using.

The software will now be installing ‘Backuptrans WA Sync’ on the Android phone, but do not connect your iPhone just yet. If all the above steps and requirements were performed properly, your WhatsApp data should now be loading onto the computer and into the backup software. Just as a note, if it shows an error of any kind, try repeating the steps and ensure you have a rooted Android phone.

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Step #4 – Connect iPhone to Computer and Transfer WhatsApp Backup Data

Whatsapp Data
Connecting your Apple iPhone shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

When the chats are backed up onto your computer using the WhatsApp data backup software, it is now time to transfer it on to your Apple iPhone. Connect the iPhone to your computer. The software should automatically detect that the iPhone is now connected.

Go ahead and transfer the Whatsapp backup data to your iPhone. Remember, you do have a choice of either transferring single messages or the complete backup as well.

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In my opinion, this method may not be the best to transfer WhatsApp backup data from an Android to the iPhone, but is one the very limited ways out there. Officially, there is not a transfer method from WhatsApp itself, which the app developers should consider maybe adding as a feature in future updates.

There is always room for improvement and if you have any methods that are tried and tested which work better than this one, I’d be happy to do a review on that too. Let me know in the comments section below or on the TechBizWeb Facebook page.