Samsung Reveals Reason for Note 7 Explosion

Samsung Coming Clean or Still Hiding the Facts?


Shareholders and mobile phone fanatics everywhere had been waiting for a detailed explanation regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion fiasco. On Monday, Samsung revealed what caused the Note 7 to heat up and even in some cases, explode.

We had expected January 23rd to be the date of release for Samsung’s detailed report and our findings turned out to be true. At the end of it all and a missed opportunity in 2016, Samsung has put the blame on faulty batteries and a serious design flaw.

This not only hurt the South Korean mobile phone giant’s reputation, but also caused a loss of $5.3 billion in operating profit. According to their latest revelations, Samsung is claiming that procedures have now been put into place to avoid any such future situations. Let’s just hope that it does not happen again, other Samsung might not be able to get out of another mess.

“The lessons of this incident are deeply reflected in our culture and process,” Samsung mobile chief, Koh Dong-jin, told reporters at a press briefing. “Samsung Electronics will be working hard to regain consumer trust.”

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Delays Expected in Samsung Galaxy S8 Release

Doing whatever necessary to keep another Note 7 like incident from happening, it is expected that Samsung will hold back on any future releases made in haste. Quality procedures are expectedly in full throttle and the mobile phone company isn’t going to be taking any more risks.

96 percent of the 3 million and above Note 7 mobile phones which were sold off in 2016, have been recovered by Samsung. This is what the company informed about and how 200,000 of those devices were being tested and closely observed. At a time when Samsung had to compete against the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, lack of quality assurance could not have been more important.

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Samsung, Not Suppliers at Fault with Note 7

Some experts are considering the fact at there being something much deeper as the root cause of this issue. This may be true since the “battery fault” came out of both suppliers which Samsung relied on for that specific component of the Note 7.

Samsung explained that “different” design flaws had resulted in the Note 7 catastrophe from two manufacturers. It would have been easy to comprehend that one manufacturer hadn’t performed to Samsung’s standards, but what is the chance that both had exactly the same problem?

Moving on from a year which Samsung does not hope people will remember for too long, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and future flagships will be the true test. Whether or not Samsung has truly changed its way of conducting quality checks on its devices will only be clearer with future releases.

For this, Samsung has also promoted that future devices will now go through an “8-Point Battery Safety Check”

Note 7
Source: Samsung

For all Android fans out there, Samsung is a big name for sure we would like to have around tomorrow and become a name of the past. Hopefully, Samsung will not be repeating the same mistakes it did while forcing out the Note 7 before it was ready.

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