Ever since Motorola was bought by Google back in 2011, a new global interest developed in the Motorola Mobile division. The last mobile phone which Motorola was really popular for was the RAZR series, but nothing after that really made a lasting impact. Now, with Lenovo taking over in 2014, Motorola is expected to increase its presence and is reportedly set to launch in Pakistan officially as soon as 2017.

Presently, it is tough getting a Motorola mobile phone without the hassle of knowing where it came from and what to do in case of an issue. While Samsung, Huawei and Apple are being catered to in some way or another through authorized dealers and after sales service agents, Motorola fans have to look for other ways to keep their fandom going.

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Hello Moto Pakistan

Motorola Mobile Phones
How fond are you of Motorola mobile phones?

Without any official presence of Motorola mobile phones in Pakistan, Lenovo is losing out on a limitless possibility of extending its business. This is exactly why Lenovo Pakistan is currently running the “Hello Moto” campaign on their Facebook Page.

Pakistan has one of the largest mobile phone markets and with a strategic launch, Motorola may be able to give Samsung and other local brands the much needed competition. Lenovo will have the edge of being able to launch a widely recognized brand name with Motorola mobile phones and may even get a large share of the market in a matter of months.

To check out more on what Motorola Pakistan is up to, they have a new Hello-Moto.pk portal for the local market. Which is another testament to Lenovo considering an official launch.

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When Will Motorola Mobile Phones Come to Pakistan?

Motorola Mobile Phones
2017: The Year of Motorola Mobiles in Pakistan?

Currently, there isn’t any official update on a launch date or even expected mobile phone line-up. Motorola mobile phone enthusiasts can also expect a drop in prices as well when the carrier does come around to launching officially. This is for sure since most Motorola mobile phones in Pakistan right now are being imported by individual retailers without any uniformity with the pricing and warranties.

An example of the high prices being charged in Pakistan for Motorola mobile phones is the Moto G4 Plus. It is available in the US for $229.99, but the exact same device is being sold by some retailers in Pakistan for as much as $350.

Other competitors in the market will now really have to push their services out in order to tackle a Motorola launch. Samsung already began suffering from the recent Note 7 fiasco against Huawei and Oppo, but with a Motorola launch being eminent, things may get even worse for the South Korean smartphone giant.

We will keep you updated on what we hear floating around in regards to Motorola officially launching in Pakistan. According to our sources, this could be as early as mid-2017 or even in the last quarter.

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If you have any thoughts about why or why not Motorola mobile phones would do well once officially launched in Pakistan, let us know in the comments section below or on the TechBizWeb Facebook page.