Daraz pk has become one of the largest online shopping portals in Pakistan in a matter of years. Their heavy advertisement campaigns and discount offers have taken the Pakistani virtual world by storm. Not everything is as rosy as portrayed by Daraz pk and I have some reservations about their marketing tactics.

Generally speaking, when a retailer offers a discount, you usually imagine it being on the current market price of that item. Most discount offers made by Daraz pk are usually on smartphones and other tech products, but there is a flaw to most of them.

Comparing to other online retailers and online shopping portals, the discounts seem to be extravagant on Daraz pk.

70%!? Now That’s a Deal

daraz pk mobiles
Image: Daraz.pk

But, are they really up to 70%? Let’s take a look.

For one, the ZUK Z1 is a perfectly fine phone. Other than the fact that you really will not be getting any OTA updates from Lenovo and will be stuck on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Unless you mod it yourself.

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Anyways, the ZUK Z1 hasn’t been that expensive as mentioned (Rs.36,999) ever since it came out. It has not been that expensive for at least over a year now. Why would Daraz pk still have the same old price that maybe was the case when the phone was launched? Plus, Daraz pk is showing the phone as being on sale at a “Special Price” of Rs. 19,450 after a discount of over 40 percent.

Honestly, you can find the ZUK Z1 anywhere in the market for either the same price or for maybe even less. So what’s so special about the offer by Daraz pk? Nothing, it is the market rate being promoted in an exaggerated manner. Nothing else.

One thing I also failed to find on the mega sale at Daraz pk which is always going on, is any smartphone or laptop at a 70 percent discount. This is shown everywhere on their website and social media pages, but nothing came close to that much.

Maybe the ZUK Z1 was an Exception on Daraz Pk

That is totally a possibility. There are tons of things to buy on Daraz pk, so limiting my view to just the ZUK Z1 wouldn’t be right, would it? Turns out my doubts were true for most of the products I checked out.

Amazingly, some mobile phones were even cheaper on other online shopping websites without offering any discounts, compared to the ones on Daraz pk with discounts. Sounds like a deal now, doesn’t it?

Just check the Huawei GR3 16 GB model out on Daraz pk and another online shopping portal

daraz pk mobiles
With a Discount on Daraz.pk
daraz pk mobiles
Better Price without a Discount

I could go on about a number of products that Daraz pk is marketing with special discounts, even though they are just market rate prices. And I’m not even talking about only mobile phones and laptops. It is easy to see on a variety of products from clothing to gadgets. This type of marketing exists to take advantage of shoppers who believe in throwing money away when offered discounts without actually looking at the details.

Personally, I do not have anything against Daraz pk. It is one of the best online shopping websites in Pakistan. That’s for sure. But the only point I want to get across in this post is to tell shoppers to actually compare and see where they can get the best deal from. Don’t believe everything you see, especially when it is online. You have every right to get the most value for your money and no one should be able to dictate that for you.

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So, what did you think about this post? Have anything you would like to share with us? Maybe an online shopping experience with Daraz pk of your own. If so, go ahead and comment in the below comments section or on the TechBizWeb Facebook page.