No, the United States does not have the fastest broadband speed in the world. To the surprise of many, the countries you may think have the fastest internet in the world are not even close to the top 10. The global average at the moment is 6.3 Mbps. This is seriously still pretty low seeing how the world has entered the year 2017. It goes to show how many countries still have much upgrading to do.

Amazingly, the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia did not even make it into the top 10.

According to a new report by Akamai, here are the countries with the fastest broadband speed from around the world:

#10 – Latvia

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Dropping from the past few years, Latvia comes in at number 10 in terms of fastest broadband speed. It is still faster than most developed countries and has an average connectivity speed of 16.9 Mbps.

#9 – Netherlands

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Being one spot above Latvia, the Netherlands has come a long way in terms of broadband speed. It has an average speed of 17.3 Mbps and is number nine on this list which has based internet speeds on reports collected from Q3 of 2016.

#8 – Finland

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Nearly tying with the Netherlands, Finland is up one place by a meager .3 Mbps as the average broadband speed in the country is 17.6 Mbps.

#7 – Japan

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Japan remains one of the best in the world and has been for quite a while. It is number seven with a national average of 18 Mbps in regards to broadband speed.

#6 – Singapore

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Singapore is progressive. I mean really progressive. It is number six here and has an average broadband speed of 18.2 Mbps in a tiny country compared to the US and Canada. This may also be due to the reason that nearly all of the population is urban-area based.

#5 – Switzerland

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The Swiss never cease to surprise and have come in at number 5. Their position on the fastest broadband speed list from around the world is secure with 18.4 Mbps.

#4 – Sweden

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Sweden is number four and is rightly so with a bigger jump compared to Switzerland. The national broadband speed average here is 19.7 Mbps.

#3 – Norway

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Norway barely slides by Sweden by having a national broadband speed average of 20 Mbps.

#2 – Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is working hard at improving their infrastructure and is continuously ranked in the top five. The national broadband speed average in Honk Kong is impressive at 20.1 Mbps, making it the second fastest internet in the world.

#1 – South Korea

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How great is this? South Korea comes in at the first position for broadband speed around the world. With 26.3 Mbps per second, South Koreans have access to some great internet. The broadband adoption rate is also impressive at 78 percent. This is also the highest in the world and on top of Japan, which is second on that list by 10 percent.

We hope that people living in the US, Canada, UK and Australia see this list and demand a better infrastructure from their ISPs, which also greatly overcharge their customers.

What do you think about the broadband speed in and around your region? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.