Hearing the phrase “Let’s get an Uber Taxi” is quite common and seriously frustrating. The invention of ‘Uber’ was to allow people to have a choice of transportation from the conventional taxi. First of all, getting an Uber is not the same as getting a taxi and there should be no debate on that. But let’s really explore what separates the two and why you should no longer be trying to get an “Uber taxi”.

Before we get going, Uber is a topic of discussion because of just how tremendously it has expanded. In growth, it is doing an amazing job. The number of total rides Uber got in 2014 were matched just in the first half of 2015 and same goes for 2016. So you can understand why some people may still be having trouble with all this Uber craze going on.

This is more common in countries like Pakistan and India, where people tend to associate new terms with older ones. It can get quite hilarious at times. There is nothing wrong in calling it an Uber taxi, but it does take out all what Uber stands for and has achieved till now.

Uber Taxi and the Difference

Uber Taxi and the differences between Uber and Taxis
Uber Taxi No More!

The one aspect that is the same is that you call either one to transport you from point A to point B. Totally understandable. But the way you do that and how the car coming to pick you up really has not always been a taxi makes it all the different.

Yes, more cab and car rental companies have begun to follow the Uber model of doing business. It is convenient and up to modern standards. The Uber app was a great introduction in being able to call a car right at your exact location at that precise time and have it go wherever intended.

Gone are the days where you had to describe pickup location, explain the nearest landmark and wait endlessly for your car to arrive. Uber changed all that drastically.

Instead of calling a cab hotline, all you have to do now is install the Uber app, point out your location and see an estimated arrival time of your Uber driver. The app also gives an estimated fare of how much it will cost to get from pickup location to your destination. This information is the same as it is shown to you on the Uber driver app as well. So no room for any miscalculations or pre-adjusted metres.

Who is an Uber Driver?

Uber Taxi and the differences between Uber and Taxis
The dreaded metre is no more with Uber

Taxis are driven by taxi drivers who are usually in it full-time and have been for quite a while. They may also be associated with a specific company for whom they drive. What makes Uber unique here is that everyday people choose to use their car as a part-time source of income.

It has also allowed numerous people around the world to let their car earn for them. Many are also using it to earn while they drive to and from work every day. There are so many ways people have benefitted from the introduction of Uber. In developing countries, some drivers are even earning a full-time income by driving 6, 10 and even 12 hours a day.

But above all, it has become a great way to supplement your income, without actually having to be certified or licensed like most taxi drivers need to be.

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Why is Uber Better than Conventional Taxis?

Uber Taxi and the differences between Uber and Taxis
How long can Taxis hold on against Uber takeover?

Well, taxis are still a good option to use in some places. Especially where Uber drivers are not allowed to go. Taxis and other conventional transportation still have a strong hold because of them being seriously regulated. Uber on the other hand, is not that strictly structured and may be seen as potentially unsafe by those who haven’t used it as often.

An Uber is usually a better option for the following factors:

  • Convenience of calling an Uber through the Uber App
  • Getting a pretty accurate fare estimate
  • Point A to Point B defined on a map through GPS and the internet
  • Some Uber drivers really go out of the way to make your experience pleasant.
  • Very reliable and quick pickups due to app selecting drivers who are nearby
  • Payments through cash, cards and online

All of this done in a matter of seconds.

What really makes the difference from our infamous Uber taxi is the fact that users can rate their experience. Other users will be able to see how the Uber driver performed on their previous trips. This allows you to make a choice as to whether or not you would like to go ahead with him/her or select another one. A variety of choices is always good and Uber gives you that power to choose.

Not to disrupt the topic here, but Uber has also introduced the UberTAXI. It might sound like the entire topic has gone to waste, but trust me, it is bringing taxis on board to the Uber platform. Uber is the trendsetter in this case.

How to Use the Uber App

Uber Taxi and the differences between Uber and Taxis
Uber App – Image Credit: Uber

The Uber app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones. The app can be found easily at the Google Play Store and App Store in iOS.

Simplicity is the beauty of Uber and the Uber app really allows you to travel with a couple of taps.

You will first need to make an Uber account, which you can also do with your Facebook page. Next, the Uber app will take you to the main page where you can select your pickup location and drop off point. All you have to do now is select the option to call the driver and an estimated pickup time will be shown on your screen.

The Uber app also shows your Uber driver’s location in real-time and contact details, which is great to be prepared to get in and on with your ride.

So the next time you plan on calling a taxi, why not consider an Uber instead? You could always get an opinion from friends or family members on how great an “Uber taxi” is. I hope that we stop calling it that. Just to point out, for areas where Uber isn’t operating, Careem is also a pretty good option. We’ll leave that discussion for another day for now.

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How has your experience with Uber been? We’d all love to hear from you and see how it went for you the last time you used an Uber. Go ahead and share your experience in the comments section below.