The death of a smartphone is always a moment of sadness. I would like to take out a minute of silence of the Lenovo ZUK Z1. Well, the ZUK Z1 or any of the ZUK models may not officially be dead – but for users the experience isn’t anything short of it.

A smartphone with such specifications and the body of a premium handset should not have died such an early death. With complete confidence and first-hand experience, I am able to say that the ZUK Z1 is one of the best smartphones produced till date. Which adds to my frustration even further.

The major reason behind this frustration and utter lack of interest in any Chinese smartphones is Android. The Google made operating system for Smartphones is highly confusing when it comes to updates and which handsets will receive what. For users who just want the smartphone and Android experience, the ZUK Z1 is definitely not for them.

ZUK Z1 Adds Fuel to the Fire

When you buy a brand-new smartphone, the first thing you usually check for are the latest updates. Unfortunately, I realized too late that the ZUK Z1 will never be receiving OTA updates. I will never get a chance to experience Android 6.0 or Nougat on my highly competent smartphone. How sad for a smartphone packed with 3 GBs of RAM, a Quad-Core 2.5 GHz processor and a 4100 mAh battery.

My research led me to find that Lenovo, ZUK and Cynogen had gone through some sort of issue. This issue ultimately led to the two separating and Cynogen no longer supporting OTA updates for the Zuk Z1 model.

For current ZUK Z1 owners, if you are looking to upgrade from Lollipop to newer versions of Android than modding is your only solution. Thanks to independent developers, custom MODS are available for the ZUK Z1 and other smartphones. These MODS allow users to use the latest versions of Android, but could possibly brick their devices in the process.

Unless you are well versed with modding Android devices, I really wouldn’t recommend it. But, there is a forum which allows ZUK Z1 owners to discover how to easily do so.

Horrible ZUK Customer Service

There is absolutely no point in trying to get in contact with either Lenovo or ZUK. For those of you out there who see both as one, that is not the situation. ZUK is not Lenovo, but rather a brand which Lenovo has taken under its wing. The potential was immensely good as their quality was, but so far has failed due to the horrifying experience customers have had with after-sales support.

Numerous ZUK Z1 users, including myself, can be seen on Facebook trying to write out to the company. Unfortunately, neither ZUK nor Lenovo choose to even reply to the hundreds of queries. After months of giving the ZUK Z1 a run for its money, I realized that sticking with the more established names is always a better option. At least you can approach someone in customer service if there is ever a problem.

Lenovo is still pumping out smartphones and devices like there is no tomorrow. Hopefully not all customers will go through the same frustrating experience, but there is no surety of that. Whenever there is a new smartphone, companies should at least provide some sort of customer and software support if they hope to keep people coming back for more. Otherwise, changing over to another smartphone is not hard to do at all nowadays.

If you were or are one of the consumers who have had a Lenovo ZUK Z1 in your life. Let us know your experience and what you have done now.

Main Photo Credit: Cory M. Grenier Lenovo China via photopin (license)