President-Elect of the United States of America is only days away from being sworn into office, but hopes for change in the 2020 Presidential Election are already in full swing. While an entire term is yet to be played out by Mr. Trump, the shock and despair of the popular vote has caused Bernie Sanders to come yet again, into the spotlight.

For democrats and progressive America, Bernie Sanders not shooting down chances of his participation in the 2020 Presidential run is hope. Hope for the chance to make things right in their mind and focus on fast forwarding these four years to come.

While Donald Trump won the election, quite fair and square, many Americans are still unwilling to face the reality and come to terms with the result of November’s election.

Will Bernie Sanders Run in 2020?

It is hard not to agree with Bernie Sanders, who in a recent interview, seemed pretty agitated at being asked about the 2020 race multiple times. For him, it is important to focus on the issues at the hand right now, instead of already putting your bets on what will happen four years down the road.

Not only that, Mrs. Jane Sanders is an interview with CNN, also dismissed any chances of Bernie running again in 2020.

Despite all that, many Americans are still hopeful of the Vermont Senator running again in 2020 – possibly being the only democratic candidate who may have any chance at defeating Donald Trump after his first term.

Bernie Sanders Run in 2020
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Could Age Be the Deciding Factor in Who Runs for President?

With Sanders set to be 79 years of age in 2020, it might be a deciding factor many candidates who currently seem like good potential contenders. Joe Biden is also amongst the favourites, while Hillary Clinton should instead stay back – this according to a recent poll by USA Today/Suffolk University.

What should be noted that the poll also pointed out, is that the majority of those surveyed wanted “someone entirely new” to be the face of the Democratic Party in 2020. It could signal towards frustration from within and the need to focus on introducing an outsider like Donald Trump into the system to win over the masses.

Bernie Sanders Run in 2020
A Third Run at the Presidency? Probably Not.

The Depressed Democrats

It is not hard to imagine that if Bernie Sanders had been chosen as the democratic nominee for president earlier in 2016, he may have been setting up his own cabinet right now. This, will remain to be a fantasy for the popular vote now that the elections are done and over with – at least for the next four years.

What is clear is that the Democratic Party needs to restructure internally, work on developing a new appeal to win over people from varying backgrounds and push less on dominating limited demographics. This past election should serve as a lesson that despite winning the popular vote, the system demands popularity across the charts – otherwise all attempts of winning will prove to be worthless. The reason being that to the despair of many democrats, the electoral college and current election process is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

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