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Online Voice and Video Ban in Saudi Arabia Being Lifted

Online Voice and Video Ban in Saudi Arabia Being Lifted from 20th September

In what is being regarded as a highly welcomed step in promoting the use of technology, the Saudi Government has decided to lift the prevalent ban on online voice and video...
How to Make Money on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube and is it still a Good Time to...

There are tons of articles out there which promote the idea of being able to make thousands of dollars sitting at home, but leave out the hard part in the headings....
PTCL Evo Carfi

Why The PTCL EVO CarFi Will Fail to Catch On with Consumers

It seems like PTCL is going through an identity crisis and failing to realize the true problems coming its way. Innovation and great service delivery are claims which PTCL is proud...

Dozens of Axact Employees Still Seeking Retribution Nearly a Year On

Axact offices around Pakistan were raided and forced into closing after a New York Times article, through the help of former employees, exposed the massive corruption and scandal going on behind...

Zong Postpaid Packages Discounted by 27%

Some great news for Zong postpaid customers out there. The Chinese telecommunications giant in Pakistan has announced a major 27% discount on select postpaid packages nearing the end of the year...
Fiber Link

FIBER LINK: My Horrible Experience and Advice to Others in Pakistan

It’s pretty safe to say that PTCL has a repute for working quite well in some areas around Pakistan and fails to perform in most. Despite the low quality of service...
Top Healthcare Startup South Asia

Top 4 South Asian Healthcare Startups Making an Impact

Home to nearly two billion people in just eight countries, South Asia is full of culture, diversity, political variety and economic powerhouses. Despite the booming economy of some of South Asia’s...
Naran Internet 3G/4G

Which Mobile Internet Works in Naran and Beyond?

Naran has become a hot destination spot for people from all around Pakistan and tourists from out of the country. Visiting for the first time recently, I was pretty surprised to...
Careem Rishta Service

Careem Rishta Service is Here to Make Your Ride Exciting for A Limited Time

How bored do you have to be to actually want a rishta aunty to accompany you during your next ride with Careem? If you are lonely, or even genuinely looking for...
Best Internet Wingle in Pakistan

Best Internet Wingle in Pakistan Based on Price, Speed and Network Coverage for 2017

3G/4G internet services in Pakistan have become widely available and are taking the country to a whole new level. There are several mobile internet devices available, but only one will win...
Zong Wingle

Zong Wingle: All Internet Packages, Prices and Device Details for 2017

Looking for high speed internet connectivity across Pakistan with the freedom to move around with your broadband connection? Than going for a portable 3G/4G internet device is the right move for...

myZindagi Launches in Pakistan with Ambitions to Revolutionize How We Approach Healthcare

Access to quality healthcare is still a common issue faced by millions of Pakistanis. With most of the population living in rural and remote areas, myZindagi has come along with the...

Smartphones & Tablets

Google Introduces Pixel 2 Flagship Smartphone and Its Wonderful

Google Pixel 2
It’s been two years since Google has started manufacturing hardware and software combined smartphones on its own and we are loving every moment of it. The first Pixel smartphone was not a monumental success for Google, but it was a step in the right...

iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus: Which One is the Better XL Apple Smartphone?

iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus
The battle of the giant Apple iPhones is among us. That is, until the iPhone X is officially released. For now, the iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus is the reason of heated debates around the world. Apple fanatics everywhere are fighting to...

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8: Difference Between the Two Apple Smartphones

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8
Close to the end of every year, Apple unveils a new smartphone which captures the interest of millions of iOS fanatics across the globe. 2017 was not any different and for the first time in many years, Apple launched two major smartphones. Both, which...

Apple iPhone 8 Plus: All About It, Specs and Prices

iPhone 8 Plus
At first glance, you will not be able to tell the Apple iPhone 8 Plus apart from the Apple iPhone 7 Plus or even previous generation models. That’s what makes the iPhone 8 Plus special in particular. You get everything you love about an iPhone,...

Xiaomi Store in Pakistan 48-Hour Sale Gets off to a Disappointing Start

Xiaomi Store in Pakistan
Well, this is not the first time I have been disappointed by an online sale. But this time, I’m not alone as hundreds of consumers and tech fanatics expressed their rage at the highly promoted Xiaomi store in Pakistan 48-hour sale. For starters, as soon...